Setting up a Home Office

To you regular readers, I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been working hard on some other ventures.

Specifically, I am actively building a private law practice during my evenings and weekends. I have no plans to leave my full time job, but I definitely want to help out private clients as well.

Have you ever tried to setup a home office? Some things are easy, but some are a little more complicated. For the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with some basic decisions. And now I offer them …

Virginia Lawyer – At Your Fingertips

Since I passed the Virginia bar exam and became a lawyer, life has been different.

People ask me legal questions. They bring problems to me. They look to me for help.

And I haven’t even marketed myself as a Virginia lawyer. I just blog, work my in-house counsel job, and ride my bicycle.

I’ve always been open to contact from anyone who needs help. And I want to make myself even more accessible.

Feel free to email me at Or you can see other contact options on my contact page. You’ll also notice a …

Crazy Attorney Advertising Pics and Videos

Where there’s an attorney, you’ll probably find crazy advertising. Florida has regulated it heavily, and most areas regularly deal with the same issues.

Attorneys can’t portray themselves offering assistance to aliens, and they can’t have a phone number like 1-800-PIT-BULL.

But lawyers still have some crazy ads and signs!!


Quick legal help and a cup of coffee


Would you seriously consider hiring these guys?


Talk about specializing!

Carol Browne

All the relief you need


Aggressive and compassionate



Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lawyers

People may think that lawyers are cruel, heartless bastards. Many lawyers are. But somehow our significant others find a way to love us anyway. 🙂

But what do you do when buying a gift for a lawyer? Especially when it’s time for Valentine’s Day?!

Use your imagination. Think outside the box of the courtroom. And figure out what your lawyer-love might like. Here are a few suggestions.

Warm heart for warm hands

You can’t always be at your Valentine-lawyer’s side. To …

Dress Great on the Cheap – Shirt SALE

Dressing nice can be very expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Especially for us guys. There are great tips to iron better and save on a suit. And you can also save on dress shirts!

Right now The Dress Shirt Group at Amazon is having a huge sale. Discontinued styles are up to …

Evaluate Your Company – Shake Out Irresponsibility

Photo by citron bleu
If you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time, you’ve dealt with corporate responsibility. “Whose job is that?” “Who has to approve this?” “How many signatures do I need?”

There’s a horrible trend in companies (and law firms) to pass the buck AND usurp power. Everyone wants the power, but nobody wants to take responsibility … until the project succeeds, of course!

I’m not an expert in corporate efficiency or making people happy, but I’d like to offer some thoughts on the subject anyway. If …

Lawyer-Bloggers Beware: Don’t Criticize a Judge

Photo by Joe Gratz
Many people think the internet is free from laws and restrictions. That just isn’t the case.

Check out this story from Florida’s Sun-Sentinel. A lawyer blogged about a local judge, calling her an “evil, unfair witch,” among other things. Now the Florida Bar is evaluating five ethics charges against the lawyer-blogger.

What did he do wrong?

In short, the lawyer wasn’t civil.

Even though many people think lawyers are lying, cheating jerks, we’re really not a bad bunch. And our ethics rules are intended to make sure we behave appropriately. …

Cool Gifts for Lawyers and Professionals

Is there a lawyer on your shopping list? If I’m anything like other attorneys, we’re a hard group to shop for. So I picked out a few things you might consider for the lawyer on your Christmas list.

Chopsticks in your pocket

To start off this list, here’s a cool set of chopsticks for Chinese-food-loving attorneys. Long nights of document review inevitably end up in Chinese take out. But now you can eat in style!

Unscrew the end of the chopstick, and …

Business Card Display Holder Ideas

We talk a lot about business cards around here, from distinguishing them to students, finding unique cards, and legal card ideas. But what about business card display? What kind of cool business card holders do you use?

Business card display on your car

A neat idea that I recently saw is pictured here. A car had typical lettering on the back window (selling solar panels, I believe). But it also had a built-in business card holder: the wiper blade!

The wiper blade had simple “take one” labels …

Virginia Bar Exam Results

Updated – 10/17 at 10:55am

Not yet.

Results were posted this morning. Get them HERE.


But the official results page now has a new message posted. Before, the Bar Examiners just said they would be releasing results “mid October.” Now, the page says they “expect” to release the results on or before October 18.

The weekend will either be really happy or super depressed.

I’m curious how many examinees will land on this page from Google searches, eagerly anticipating their results.

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