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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lawyers

People may think that lawyers are cruel, heartless bastards. Many lawyers are. But somehow our significant others find a way to love us anyway. 🙂

But what do you do when buying a gift for a lawyer? Especially when it’s time for Valentine’s Day?!

Use your imagination. Think outside the box of the courtroom. And figure out what your lawyer-love might like. Here are a few suggestions.

Warm heart for warm hands

You can’t always be at your Valentine-lawyer’s side. To keep her hands warm when you’re away, give her a heart hand warmer. It reheats due to chemical reactions beyond my understanding. But it’s sure to be a unique gift! Can you go wrong for $5.99 at ThinkGeek?

Leather, computer-friendly attache

Does your lawyer have a place to carry around his files? What about a snazzy computer case? This puppy does double duty, all in handsome leather. And it’s expandable! Buy one for your lawyer at Amazon for $49.99.

Ladies organizer

For those women attorneys who want to make a statement, check this out. It’s a slim organizer, but it does the trick for important meetings and court appearances. And that red pops! This is a Lodis Audrey item, so it goes for $245 at Amazon.

Aromatherapy in the office

Many lawyers I know have stale, drab offices. Spruce up your Valentine’s with a neat aromatherapy gadget. Put a drop of oil on this stick, plug it into a USB port on the computer, and let sweet scents waft those troublesome clients away. It’s only $5.99!

Stylin’ watch

Judges definitely don’t like lawyers appearing late. If your Valentine has this Movado watch, she’ll always know the time. Elegant, sexy, and powerful. What more could a guy hope for in a Valentine’s Day gift?! It’s only $209 at Amazon

Twisted heart candy

Finally, if your Valentine is too cold-hearted to care about the Day, check out these heart candies. Instead of typical sappy sayings, they say things like “INFIN8 AGONY.” Ouch! They could be fun, for just $9.99 at ThinkGeek.

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3 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lawyers”

  1. Dara
    February 12th, 2008

    I LOVE that USB aromatherapy one! I’m buying it for myself, screw Valentine’s Day! LOL.

  2. Andrew Flusche
    February 17th, 2008

    Dara – I hope you enjoy the aromatherapy! It looks like a great device for anyone!

  3. lawyer gifts
    June 2nd, 2008