Andrew Flusche

Andrew is an attorney licensed by the Virginia State Bar. He graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law in May, 2007.

Andrew Flusche runs his own law firm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He focuses on traffic and criminal defense.

Please contact Andrew if you have any questions or would just like to chat. You can email him at aflusche@gmail.com or IM him on Google Talk: aflusche.

Legal Andrew

Andrew Flusche started this blog as a place to share some of his thoughts and ideas with other like minded people. Andrew’s intent is to post a few tips a week pertaining to law school, internships, and legal careers. Andrew does not claim to be a prophet in any of these areas, but he hopes that people will find a kernel of insight here and there (or maybe they will all be “old maids”).

New Here?

If this is your first time reading Legal Andrew, Andrew suggests just diving into the homepage. However, Andrew would also like to draw your attention to two other important pages.

First, please check out his Kill Your Mouse series, where you will find tips on how to leverage the true power of your keyboard.

Second, you can wander over to Projects where Andrew gather all of his scripty things that will ease your technical life in the legal field (they are easy to use, no geeks required).

Thanks for stopping by!

I don’t normally write in the third person, but using my name helps Google find me.

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