Overtime Laws – Your Right to Overtime Pay

Hourly employees always want to know about their rights to a lunch break. Heck, lunch is important to me too!

But what about overtime laws? Employees definitely want to know about overtime labor laws as well. Is overtime required? Do salary employees get overtime? What are the regulations?

This article should answer your overtime questions.

Multiple laws for overtime

Overtime is one of those legal topics that is covered by a tangled web of laws. In short, the federal government has a basic overtime …

Lunch Labor Laws – Federal and State

My original post on lunch break laws still remains one of the most popular articles on this blog. Many people are highly interested in lunch labor laws, as evidenced by the 98 comments that are still being posted.

Lunch labor laws affect us all

If you’re human, you have to eat. If you have a job, you’ll probably work several hours during the day, most likely across the normal lunch time. Thus, you probably wonder about lunch labor laws.

Hourly workers are most concerned about the law regarding …

Minimum Work Shifts – Reporting Pay Laws

I love it when readers ask questions. I’m not an expert, but I try to provide the best answers I can. This article covers a common question I receive.

When you show up for your regular shift, but get sent home early, is there a minimum number of hours your employer must pay?

In short, the answer is most likely no. But there might be a state law that provides some relief.

Reporting pay

The typical legal term for this type of payment is “reporting pay.” Sometimes it is also called “show up pay.”

Basically, some …

West Virginia Lunch and Break Laws

Over at our main lunch, break, and hour law post, a reader just posted a great question. I decided that it deserved a full answer in a separate post. Ginger from West Virginia writes:

I live in West Virginia and I work 10-12 hour days. My employer only gives me a half hour unpaid lunch break and sometimes he has us to cut our lunch short. When he has us take a 10-15 lunch break, we do not get paid for it. I thought that in WV, for every …

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