Be a Better Writer with Leo – Write to Done

Do you want to be a better writer? You need to subscribe to Leo Babauta’s new blog, Write to Done.

You may know Leo from Zen Habits, his wildly-popular productivity blog. Didn’t you hear that it’s the best overall blog for 2007?

The first post went up on January 9. And today Leo has 3,066 subscribers. Are you one of them?

Write to Done is already a great resource for writers. And it will only get better with time. Leo is promising two “unmissable …

Let’s Share and Discover with Google Reader

Photo by tookie
Are you looking for ways to discover new ideas? Do you like sharing discoveries with your friends?

Behold, Google Reader!

In case you haven’t heard, Reader is Google’s solution for reading RSS feeds. It will collect all your favorite news, website updates, and blog posts. And it’s all in your web browser, as easy as reading email. Of course there’s an awesome mobile version too.

Did you know that Reader also enables easy sharing? Whenever you’re reading an item, just click the little “share” button at …

I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??? by Jason Alba

Are you lost with LinkedIn? Have no fear! Good friend and power networker Jason Alba wrote a killer book that you should read.

Jason was kind enough to send me a pre-press digital copy of his book, I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???. Now I get to share some nuggets of wisdom with you!

Links – Hyperlinks in Legal Writing, Time Versus Money

Here’s a couple tidbits to share with you on a Saturday afternoon.

Australian lawyer Stephen Warne posted a nice piece using hyperlinks in your legal documents. It’s rudimentary for experienced Word users, but a nice reminder for all of us. Found via Raymond Ward.

Mark Shead is asking some good questions about time versus money in his latest article: Being More Productive vs. Reducing Expenses. Instead of solely focusing on productivity to earn more money, think about reducing expenses. It’s a nice …

Write a General Lesson, from a Personal Perspective

How many newspaper columnists ramble on about their daily lives? Would you read that column, if it’s all the author wrote?

What about somebody who writes like this:

I went to the market today. I bought an apple. It’s hot outside.

Why would you read that? Perhaps if the author is well-known, or your family, or a friend. But otherwise, I hope you’ve got better things to do.

Personal is great

Writing from a personal perspective is definitely a great way to humanize your work. I am not advocating impersonal writing at all.

The point is that you’ve got to …

Two Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Energy

Do you feel like your blog has hit a glass ceiling? Traffic holding steady, or even decreasing? Are your earnings not what you’d like? Here’s my advice:

Switch gears

If you keep getting the same (unsatisfactory) results, you need to change your approach. Get different output by giving your blog different input.

You can do SEO until you’re blue in the face. You can redesign your theme. Add new widgets. But you’ve already done all that, right?

Here are two ideas that will breathe some life into your blog. I guarantee it!

Write off topic

Yep, I’m a …

I’m Asking You – Software to Write Blog Posts?

I’ve got a problem. Will you help solve it?

I can’t effectively manage writing my blog posts.

It’s not a matter of time. I’m writing on three blogs, but two of them I only do a post a week. I can handle the volume of writing required.

The problem is managing and developing posts that are in progress. At any given time, I’ve got at least half a dozen posts simmering on the stove. There are usually more, especially if you count single line ideas.

The current method

I’ve got a big text file, where I jot down all my …

Give to Other Bloggers, and You’ll Receive in Return

Why should you blog? Because you’ll make connections. By giving to other bloggers, you’ll receive in return.

A while ago, I stumbled on a blog called Brazen Careerist. It had some interest career-related content, so I subscribed. I linked to it a couple times, commented a time or two, and emailed the author, Penelope Trunk.

Now, I’m receiving a free bound galley of her new book, Brazen Careerist, featured at right. This is the first time anyone has offered something like this to me. I’m definitely …

Don’t Just Repeat Others; Write Original Content

(photo from the_amanda)
How often do you see the same content on blogs? Something happens, and every blogger with a keyboard writes up a post about it. But they’re all the same!

Look at Google’s launch of themes for your personalized homepage. How many posts filled your RSS reader with the exact same “news”? I saw at least 10 that all said “you can put a theme on your homepage.” The blogosphere has been crazily buzzing about this.

Please don’t think …

Another Class Action Submission – Improving Writing

If you haven’t submitted your contribution to the first group writing project here, it’s not too late. Just make sure I get it by tomorrow, Sunday the 4th. For details on the project, check out my original post.

I just got another entry for the class action. It’s from The Frugal Law Student. His entry is all about improving …

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