Easy Male Haircut – Remington Shortcut Review


Buy for $34.99

I’ve been cutting my own hair for several years. I used to use a standard hair clipper with a #1 blade guard. When it broke last week, I set out to find new hair clippers.

A few Google searches brought up the Remington Shortcut. This new little toy is designed just for men who want to buzz their own head. I’m now the …

Get Your Tax Refund In Record Time!

It’s February 23, and my 2007 federal tax refund is already in the bank. Where’s yours?

Tax refund options

I already wrote about tax deductions, so now it’s time to look at the best way to get your tax refund.

With almost every American filing a tax return by April 15, there are lots of services and software to help get the job done. But which one should you use?

Paper forms – I’ve done this every year until now. Go to your local library or download the IRS tax forms from …

Minimize the Magazine Mess

Quick! Count the number of magazines that clutter your house! If it’s more than a couple dozen, you need help. Here’s a few handy tips to unclutter your magazines.

1. Don’t subscribe. The easiest option is always to keep junk out of your house. If you don’t subscribe to magazines, you don’t have to worry about any mess from them.

2. Read online. There are lots of magazines online. Even the most basic magazines have at least a few articles online. This gives you all the info without …

Keep the Status Quo for 2008

The new year has come, with all sorts of talk about great changes you can make. But let’s be realistic. Most of us are going to keep doing the same old thing, again.

Why make a resolution?

I’ve never understood why people set new year’s resolutions for themselves. Yeah, I’ve done it in the past too. But why?

It’s like we’ve screwed up all the previous years, and now it’s our chance to make things right. Do you think January 1 wipes the slate clean? I know my creditors don’t think so.

Unique goals for the …

Evaluate Your Company – Shake Out Irresponsibility

Photo by citron bleu
If you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time, you’ve dealt with corporate responsibility. “Whose job is that?” “Who has to approve this?” “How many signatures do I need?”

There’s a horrible trend in companies (and law firms) to pass the buck AND usurp power. Everyone wants the power, but nobody wants to take responsibility … until the project succeeds, of course!

I’m not an expert in corporate efficiency or making people happy, but I’d like to offer some thoughts on the subject anyway. If …

Make a Good Name for Yourself at Work

Photo by dziner
Whether you’re working in a mega law firm or a tiny non-profit office, you need to have a positive image among your coworkers. If you’re known as the lazy butt or the slob, your career won’t go far. But if you follow these tips, your public image will shine.

Clean your desk – How can you be productive with mounds of papers all over your desk? Your coworkers will wonder the same thing. And if they give you something important, will it get lost in the shuffle? Keeping …

About Andrew – My Favorite Charity

Regular readers know that I have my dream job working for a terrific non-profit organization. Hopefully, in a couple weeks I’ll be a Virginia licensed attorney.

Thanks to a cool competition at ProBlogger, I might be able to win $1,000 for this great non-profit. At the same time, I can explain a bit to you about our mission and my job.

American Life League’s mission

In short, American Life League works to save babies from abortion. …

Great Personal Finance Tips

It’s not directly about productivity, but I do write about money from time to time around here. Thus, I’d like to point out Brett’s edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. He had a ton of contributions, and there are lots of great articles to read. Oh yeah, he included an article I wrote. 🙂

[tags]money, carnival of personal finance[/tags]

Sell Textbooks Online – How to Maximize Your Cash

This post was submitted for the Carnival of Making Real Money.

Everyone knows that you can sell used books back to your college book store. But your best source of cash is to sell textbooks online. And here’s the ultimate guide to maximize your cash!

My wife figured out this method, and we executed it together. We sold several boxes of used books and textbooks, earning over $570.

Round up your books to sell

You first have to gather up the books to sell. It’s important to round these up all at once, to maximize your possible cash. …

Links – Facebook Hate Groups, Quicken Question

I hope you’re having a good Sunday. No matter what your religious beliefs, hopefully Sundays are a time for relaxing and connecting with loved ones.

For your reading enjoyment, check out these articles:

Facebook = Elder Hate (via Stephanie West Allen) – Stephanie pointed me to this insightful article about hate groups on Facebook. Sadly, I verified that these exist, and the comments are horrid. I also found other hate groups, including some against women. Very sad.

Is Quicken Really Quicker? – Brett considers whether or not Quicken and MS Money really save time for finances. …

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