Pandora Can Help You Study

I’m a bit behind the times with some things. I blog, I own an iPod, and I even have a cell phone now. But I hadn’t tried Pandora until yesterday. How did I miss out on this for so long?!?!

If you’re even further behind than me, Pandora is your own, personal, free internet radio. Go to, type in an artist, song, or music type, and then listen to high-quality, free music.

There are lots of bells and whistles, but that’s the basic concept. You can give each track a thumbs up or thumbs …

Links – Blog Project Ends, Personal Finance Tip

I don’t do much “speedlinking” around here, but I wanted to share some links with you guys today.

Blog Project Three: Final List – Daniel’s blog project at Daily Blog Tips just ended, and he posted all 114 entries. Check them out for some fun reading.

3 Reasons Why Daily Blog Tips Sucks – This is my favorite entry to the blog project. It’s a nice ironic twist. 🙂

Top 3 Reasons You Should Stop Reading Blogs – I couldn’t agree more. We’d all be more productive, if we just stopped reading (and writing) blogs. …

Month in Review – May

It’s been a big month in my personal life, and I hope the blog has kept up with your expectations. By the way, I’m now “Andrew Flusche, J.D.” 🙂

Traffic for May was right on target with April – about 8200 visits each month. I’m pretty darn happy with that, but I hope to see more growth in June. Too bad I have to study for the bar exam!

Popular posts

1. May’s top post was my contribution to the ProBlogger group writing project: Top 5 Reasons to Hate GTD. I’m glad you guys liked that one.

2. …

Sleep Hack – Change Your Language

We use language every day to communicate with each other. But we rarely stop and consider the impact of our words. How can language improve sleep? Let’s explore that together.

When do I have to get up?

How often do you say this phrase? Maybe you wonder when you need to get up. Either way, you’re exhibiting a certain attitude toward sleep.

Using words like “need” or “have to” or “must” implies that getting up is some horrid obligation we have to do. In fact, many of us actually feel that way in the morning.

But what if …

The Best Interview of My Law School Career

Law school is full of interviews. Just hunting for a summer internship will require dozens of them. I’ve definitely done my fair share.

But I recently had the privilege of doing the best interview yet. Brett of The Frugal Law Student interviewed me for a series he’s starting on his blog. He asked about debt, saving money, personal finance goals, and other great topics.

Check it out: Interview With Legal Andrew About Managing Law School Debt

While you’re over there, read up on some of Brett’s other great work:

180 Money Saving Tips to Turn …

25 Best Sleep Hacks

If there’s one thing we can all use more of (besides money), it’s sleep. We’re happier, more productive, and more enjoyable to be around when we’re well-rested. Without further ado, here are the best sleep hacks.

Get a comfy bed. Nobody looks forward to sleeping on a rock.
Make the bedroom only for sleeping (and other bed activities). If you work and eat in the bedroom, it just doesn’t feel like you’re supposed to sleep there too.
Wear cozy pajamas. Experiment a bit to find what you like: flannel, silk, none, etc.
Blackout the lights. Total darkness helps …

Get Your Motivation Moving with Small Steps

I’m out of shape. The scary part is that the men in my family don’t have great genes. Based on my father, uncles, etc, “middle age” for me will be about 29. I need to get motivated to exercise.

You’re probably thinking “this has nothing to do with productivity or the law.” But isn’t motivation a key to productivity? And don’t lawyers have to be productive? See, it all ties together.

Do you have something you’ve been putting off? Final exams, perhaps? That healthier lifestyle you’ve been talking about since January?

Let’s get motivated!

Now I’ll …

I’m Asking You – Should I Open an Online Savings Account?

Something’s on my mind, and I’m looking to you for some help.

The other day I blogged about online savings accounts. I also read a great post by Leo about automating your finances. One of my …

My Super-Minimalist Kung-Fu Wallet

There’s a great article at Lifehack about having a super slim wallet. I figured it was a good time to post the details of my minimalist wallet solution.


My dad carried a fat wallet. He bought it one vacation in Colorado Springs when I was a wee tot, and he carried it the rest of his life. It was filled with every card known to mankind. Did I mention that it was fat?

A couple years ago, I decided I wanted to slim down …

How to Achieve Goals Faster – Identify With Them

I recently got really behind on my podcast listening. I just caught up, and in the process, I listened to a great podcast by Steve Pavlina.

In this podcast, Steve talks about a method of achieving goals faster. Instead of taking the typical approach of identifying the steps to a goal, Steve urges that we think about the symptoms of actually reaching the goal.

Thus, ask yourself, “What will I be like when I reach this goal?” “What do people do who already have this quality / feature / thing?” …

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