Use Intention Manifestation for Success on Exams

These days, the blogosphere buzzes with the concept of intention manifestation. I was just listening to a podcast from Steve Pavlina (actually his wife, Erin). It really hit me that this idea of manifesting what you want really applies to law school exams.

What is it?

Here’s what you do: Think of what you really want. Conform your actions to your mind, behaving like you really want it. Wait patiently.

Basically, the concept of intention manifestation states that you can get what you want in …

Increase Productivity by Doing Something Different

How often do you get stuck in a rut? Does your productivity decrease when you do the same thing every day? Here is today’s breakthrough tip: do something different.

Variation spurs the mind

Our brains are complex organs. But if they are required to do the same thing day after day, they seem to shift into neutral or auto-pilot. Creativity decreases, along with productivity.

If you require your brain to think about something else, you will likely notice a boost in creativity and productivity. Your brain will begin firing on more cylinders synapses. You will utilize more …

Goal Setting in Law School

If you are like most law students, at some point during law school you will find it difficult to motivate yourself. This might happen after you get your summer job offers. Or, it might happen during your third year when school doesn’t seem to matter any more.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, Gleb Reys has some great golden rules of goal setting that will help.

In my experience, one of the major problems with staying motivate at these …

Being Content, but Then Climbing Out

At times during everyone’s life (and especially our professional lives), things can look bleak. Perhaps your job prospects post-graduation from law school are uncertain. Maybe you are up for partner in a couple years, but you are nervous that you will not make. Just maybe your situation is far worse for some reason.

The good news it that Dawn at Frugal for Life has a great post on Contentment and Breaking Free. The key, she explains, is that when you hit a low-point, you have to accept where …

Getting the Important, but non-Urgent, Tasks Done

How often do you have things on your task list that are important, but not urgent? If you are like most of us, these tasks regularly get shoved to the side and maybe never done.

I just read a really good post at the Professional Software Development blog that deals with this very situation. Here is one of the author’s solutions:

Whenever a week goes by in which I have not made any progress on my important, non-urgent tasks, I choose one of these tasks as my …

Good Lifehack for Law Students and Lawyers: Mega Mini Challenge

As a law student, one of the things that can be terribly hard to do is motivate yourself to do things, especially reading for class (and especially when you are a third year!). It is just quite simply difficult to push yourself to get things done when there is no real deadline or the deadline is weeks away (like a looming final exam).

I’m sure everyone else (especially lawyers) faces this similar challenge. That is why I really like the “Mega Mini Challenge” idea from‘s interview with Andy Mitchell:

I am …

Ways to Stay Focused at Work / School

I just found a great post on Dave Cheong’s blog entitled “18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work.” Not to be let down, the post definitely delivers on its promise. Here are two of my favorite tips that Dave offers:

Write out a daily task list and plan your day. There’s nothing like a task list sitting next to you to keep you focused. When you have a list of the things you need to accomplish in a day, having that close to you constantly reminding you of …

Quit Trying to Keep Up

In the midst of studying for exams, I have been huriedly trying to keep up with my RSS feeds, email, and other daily distractions. I have been thinking that something must be amiss. That’s when I ran into this great article on keeping up at Creating Passionate Users (via LifeHacker).

I guess it’s time to do as the article says and “cut the redundancy.” I need to go and weed out my RSS reader.

I think the biggest thing that I do to help myself keep up …

Weekend Retreat Before Exams

My friends think I am crazy, but my wife thinks I am super-husband. Why? This past weekend, I left all my books, laptop, and other electronic gadgets to go on a marriage retreat with her. What is the result? I am feeling better than ever, and ready to tackle exams head on.

Before the retreat, I was seriously suffering from major burnout. I had been working on my term paper, working on outlines, preparing for summer internships, etc. Life was crazy, and the fact that I had a week and a half of law school …

Blogging Frees the Mind (and it helps your career)

I am pretty new to blogging, so I am trying to figure out what it is actually doing for/to me. I was inspired to write this because of an article I just read over at Home Office Lawyer about the strategic benefits of blogging (for your career). The article has some interesting things to consider that apply to probably any career, and especially one oriented around client service, like the law. Anyway, here are my thoughts on blogging and how …

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