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Weekend Retreat Before Exams

My friends think I am crazy, but my wife thinks I am super-husband. Why? This past weekend, I left all my books, laptop, and other electronic gadgets to go on a marriage retreat with her. What is the result? I am feeling better than ever, and ready to tackle exams head on.

Before the retreat, I was seriously suffering from major burnout. I had been working on my term paper, working on outlines, preparing for summer internships, etc. Life was crazy, and the fact that I had a week and a half of law school exams ahead did not make my mental state any better.

What was the key to this more relaxed mental state? Blocking out exams and to-do lists for the weekend. We spent that time just focusing on our relationship and building stronger bonds between us. Even though there were a few rough spots due to the hotel’s insanity, the weekend turned out great.

Depending upon how grades come out this semester, I might try this every semester from here on out (luckily, there are only two left). I think the rewards have been amazing. I worked really hard last week to get all of my outlines about 95% completed. I have a day between each of my four exams. Thus, I have plenty of time to polish the outline, study it some, do a sample question or two, and be ready for the big exam day.

I think my new philosophy is: take care of your mind and body first; the information will all fall into place.

I was prompted to write this post based on a roundup I read on Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground: The Putting-Off-Studying-For-Finals Edition.

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