Extreme SEO – Keyword Business Address

If you’re like most entrepreneurs today, you want the absolute most SEO you can get. You either learn how to do it yourself, or you hire an SEO firm to handle it.

Here’s a new SEO idea for you: Have your office on a street that contains one of your keywords.

I thought of this idea while on a bike ride the other day. I was bicycling through Spotsylvania County near Lake Anna, and I went down Lawyers Road. As an attorney, “lawyer” is obviously one of my …

Your Copyright Fair Use Crash Course

Are you a blogger or podcaster? Or do you enjoy pro football games? Maybe you make videos for YouTube. You need to know about fair use. It might save your butt someday.

I am a Virginia-licensed attorney, but this article is only for educational purposes.

Copyright infringement defense

People who create original works obtain copyright in their creations. But copyright protection has limits.

If you are accused of violating someone’s copyright, fair use is a potential defense. You have to prove that your actions constituted fair use. How do …

Starting a New Blog? WAIT!

Photo by el clinto
If you currently own a blog, you have probably had the itch to start a new one. Maybe you see other people succeeding in other niches, or maybe you’re excited about a new hobby you just took up.

Wait to start that blog! Here’s why:

1. Gauge true interest. How many blogs are started every day in this vast internet? And how many of them die within a few weeks or months. You don’t want to invest time and money into a new idea just to find yourself burnt …

Lawyer-Bloggers Beware: Don’t Criticize a Judge

Photo by Joe Gratz
Many people think the internet is free from laws and restrictions. That just isn’t the case.

Check out this story from Florida’s Sun-Sentinel. A lawyer blogged about a local judge, calling her an “evil, unfair witch,” among other things. Now the Florida Bar is evaluating five ethics charges against the lawyer-blogger.

What did he do wrong?

In short, the lawyer wasn’t civil.

Even though many people think lawyers are lying, cheating jerks, we’re really not a bad bunch. And our ethics rules are intended to make sure we behave appropriately. …

Vote for the Best Law Student Blog

My great friend, Brett McKay, was nominated by the American Bar Association as having one of the best law student blogs. Over at The Frugal Law Student, he writes about managing his personal finances as a graduate student.

Voting runs until January 2, and Brett’s sitting in a close 2nd place position. That’s why we need to vote for him!

He’s had a quality blog for several years now. And he’s a solid guy.

The current 1st place law student blog is run by several third year students who just whine and complain about their …

My Latest Project – Call Center Consultant

I want to apologize to all of you awesome readers. I haven’t written much lately. But I’ve been busy.

Brandon Hopkins and I have been working on a joint venture: Call Center Consultant. We’re taking a PR 0 domain and trying to turn it into a money-maker in one month.

We started out with a few goals, so we could determine if our work was successful. By November 30, we wanted to have 2,000 unique visitors, 150 articles online, and $100 in revenue.

It’s now November 22, and we’re having some …

Digg Has What It Takes – Login Memory

Digg is clearly the largest social news site. It drives tons of traffic, has millions of users, and regularly crashes web servers with its influx of traffic. But what makes Digg better than the plethora of Digg clones out there?

Digg keeps users logged in.

Propeller always logs me out periodically. Then I have to go through the hassle of logging in again. The same goes for Sk*rt (and what’s with that name!?). And Sphinn makes me login almost every visit.

But I never have to re-login at Digg.

I have …

New Server, Please be Patient

My Digg journey crashed the shared hosting account that Legal Andrew was using. I had been with Total Choice Hosting for years, and they’ve done a fine job. But the $4 account I had just can’t handle a traffic surge.

About an hour ago, I setup an account with (mt) Media Temple. It’s their (gs) Grid-Service hosting, which is designed to automagically scale when traffic surges. For $20 per month (actually, $17 with code “surfstation”), I now have 100 GB of space and up to 100 domains.

Media Temple has received some mixed reviews around the blogosphere. But …

My Digg Journey in Pictures

Thanks to you great readers, Legal Andrew had its first Digg main page debut. On Sunday, my photo law post hit the main page!

Unfortunately, my server tanked. As you know, it’s pretty common with shared hosting accounts. Heck, I only pay $4 per month!

Now I’m on the lookout for a new host that can handle this amount of traffic in the future. Once you’ve hit Digg once, you’re addicted!

For now, I wanted so share my Digg journey with you guys. Here’s the photo album. 🙂

I was ecstatic to reach the top of …

Sell More, Blog as a Student, and Win!

Whew! It’s been a big weekend for Legal Andrew. I’ll post details in a day or two, but my post on photo law made the main page at Digg!

For now, I wanted to point out a couple things you might enjoy reading.

Susan Cartier Liebel did a great examination of whether or not law students should blog. If you’re pondering the topic at all, it’s a must read.

I just published a …

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