7 Tips for Cheap College Books

I recently wrote about buying cheap college books by shopping online. (For cheap online books, I recommend BookByte)

But there are many more options for you to find cheap books and save on your overall book costs. Here are just a few of the choices available for cheap college books.

1. Buy single chapters. Why buy the whole book, if you only need part of it? iChapters

Selling Books Online – Find the Best Price

I love selling books online (basic process, maximize cash, buy cheap books). In fact, my wife just prepared three boxes of books to send off for over $200. Cash!

Selling books online is easy

Yep, it’s really a piece of cake. My favorite book buyback site is BookByte. Just enter your ISBN’s, print a mailing label, and ship your books. It takes a little while to get your check, but it will come!

BookScouter makes selling books EASIER

If you want to …

Cheap College Books – NOT at Campus Bookstore

College and graduate school classes are starting soon. Have you bought your books?

If not, don’t use the campus bookstore.

You can find cheap college books in many places, other than the single store your university is hoping you’ll use. Since you’re already living on a shoestring budget, you need to save money wherever possible. Buying used, cheap textbooks is a great way to cut your educational costs.

Cheap book websites

BookByte is my favorite used book website. They have a huge selection of books, and they …

Productivity for Students – Slick New Blog

If you’re a student looking to improve your productivity, read on!

A Legal Andrew reader just notified me about a slick blog for all the students out there. It’s The Productive Student.

Honestly, when I received Arjun’s email, I thought the blog would be just another boring, stale-template website. It’s anything but that!

I think Arjun has hit the sweet spot of quality content and slick design. I’m certainly impressed!

Here are a few articles that caught my eye….

Sell Books Online – Get Cash for Textbooks

Ever since I wrote about selling textbooks online, a lot of people have read and used that advice. It’s definitely a popular post on this site.

Since the book selling season is approaching again (it’s almost April!), I thought you guys might appreciate a quick glance at the process.

We definitely don’t want anyone hoarding books like the guy in POSSESSED. If you haven’t watched that short documentary, do yourself a favor and check it out.

How to sell books online

My …

FREE Law Review Course – Tort Worries?

Update (Nov. 22) – This contest is now over. But you can still get a low-cost license over at Law Study Systems.

With fall breaks under way or over, law school final exams are just around the corner. AAAHHH!!!

Just kidding. There’s no reason to panic. There are lots of great tools to help you ace your exams.

Law Study Systems is definitely one to check out. They have online review courses for Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. And you can win a free pass to …

What 1L Contract Topic Worries You? – FREE Review Course

Update (Oct. 10) – This contest is now over. To win a free Torts course, check out the current contest: FREE Law Review Course – Tort Worries?.

Being a first year law student is definitely intimidating. One exam determines your entire grade for a class. And for classes like Contracts, that’s not a happy thought.

But Law Study Systems has you covered. They have online review courses for Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. These are the perfect supplement to your studies.

You can win a free license …

Free Law School Review Courses – Calling 1L Bloggers

Are you nervous about your first law school exams? Are Contracts, Criminal Law, and Torts getting you down? Have no fear. The great people at Law Study Systems are here to help!

Through an exclusive arrangement with Legal Andrew, Law Study Systems is giving away free licenses to its premium law school review courses. These courses ordinarily cost $30 each ($90 for all three), but you’ll be able to get a license to each one for free!

To win your free license to all three of Law Study Systems’ …

Sell Textbooks Online – How to Maximize Your Cash

This post was submitted for the Carnival of Making Real Money.

Everyone knows that you can sell used books back to your college book store. But your best source of cash is to sell textbooks online. And here’s the ultimate guide to maximize your cash!

My wife figured out this method, and we executed it together. We sold several boxes of used books and textbooks, earning over $570.

Round up your books to sell

You first have to gather up the books to sell. It’s important to round these up all at once, to maximize your possible cash. …

Law School Admissions Help

Thanks to my good buddy, Brett McKay, I found out how you can attend a law school admissions webinar for FREE.

Ann K. Levine is a law school expert, and she is trying to help you get into the law school of your dreams. She’s even started a blog now!

She’s hosting a webinar on August 4 entitled “I’ve Taken the LSAT; Now What?” To gain your free attendance, you have to go read the instructions at Brett’s blog, …

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