3 Reasons Why I Love the Bar Exam

This is my contribution to the Blog Project: Three run by Daily Blog Tips. Join in the fun by July 8th for your chance to win some cash!

Oh, Bar Exam, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

1. You’re vacationing with me in Roanoke, Virginia this summer.

Without you, Bar Exam, I would have to stay in the lovely town of Charlottesville all summer. I wouldn’t get to rent a roach-motel-room in Roanoke. I wouldn’t get to put on a suit (no joke, required attire by Virginia) …

52 Handy Tools and Sites for Students

Even though I’m almost done being a student, many of you have some time left. So I’ll still be on the lookout for handy things for you guys.

The Online Education Database has a couple great pages that every student should check out. Combining them, they list 52 awesome tools and sites that you need. Some are pretty obvious, but others will be new to you. Without further ado, here we go…

The College Student’s Productivity Guide lists 27 great apps and tools for students. There are definitely some interesting nuggets in there.

Top 25 …

The Best Interview of My Law School Career

Law school is full of interviews. Just hunting for a summer internship will require dozens of them. I’ve definitely done my fair share.

But I recently had the privilege of doing the best interview yet. Brett of The Frugal Law Student interviewed me for a series he’s starting on his blog. He asked about debt, saving money, personal finance goals, and other great topics.

Check it out: Interview With Legal Andrew About Managing Law School Debt

While you’re over there, read up on some of Brett’s other great work:

180 Money Saving Tips to Turn …

Focus on Exams or Deadlines – Eliminate Distractions

Do you have a looming deadline or exam? Are you reading this post, instead of preparing yourself?

Here’s the solution: Close your web browser. Do your work.

Well, it might not be that easy. Fortunately, I’ve written before on this subject. Here are a few articles you might find useful:

Curb Your Blogging Addiction
Utilize Your Resources
Debunk Studying Myths
Develop Your Exam Study Schedule
Use Intention Manifestation for Success on Exams

Since I’m procrastinating myself, here are some other ideas to consider:

Close your email. Seriously, you don’t need to check it every 5 minutes.
Ignore your RSS …

Why Do Law Students Love Highlighters?

photo by -Nat
Maybe I’m dense. But I don’t understand why fellow law students use 4-5 different colors of highlighters in their case books. It’s almost an obsession with the brilliant colors in this happy little markers.

Why do I care?

Most of the time, I don’t. I can choose how to highlight in my own books. You choose how to color yours.

But when I buy a used book, this can sometimes be a problem. I guess that’s the price I pay saving some money on text books.

More importantly, I …

“This Semester” Class Action Comes to an End

Today marks the official end of the first group writing project here at Legal Andrew. It has definitely been an interesting experience, and I must say that I’ve learned a bit while hosting this “class action.”

Read the entries

Saramel contributed the first entry at Reasonable Expectations. She’s a new mom who is also going to attend law school this fall. Talk about a full plate!

The next entry was from The Frugal Law Student. This semester he plans …

Another Class Action Submission – Improving Writing

If you haven’t submitted your contribution to the first group writing project here, it’s not too late. Just make sure I get it by tomorrow, Sunday the 4th. For details on the project, check out my original post.

I just got another entry for the class action. It’s from The Frugal Law Student. His entry is all about improving …

This Semester… – I’m Going to Expand My Blog Consulting

Are you interested in making some side money with your blog? Who isn’t? OK, maybe some people. But blogging is a great way to increase your income, whether it be through new clients for your main business, ad sales, or freelance writing.

I just wrote about the awesome success I experienced in January. Now it’s time to ramp up the effort. Here’s my plan for this semester: expand consulting work.

Thus, for my contribution to the “class action,” …

“This Semester” Class Action – First Submission!

If you missed yesterday’s post about the first ever “Class Action” at Legal Andrew, be sure to check it out. This is a group writing project where all of you awesome readers write a post about “This Semester….” Then I link to your posts here, organizing everyone’s writings into one “class action.”

The first submission was sent in today by Saramel at Reasonable Expectations. She’s a new mom who is starting law school this fall. That …

Please Join My Class Action: This Semester…

I’m filing a class action, and I need you! I want to include each and every one of you in this “class.”

What are we suing for?

You’re probably scratching your head, wondering what the heck I’m talking about. We’re not suing anyone. Luckily, I’m here to explain my cryptic ways.

In the style of the group writing projects at Ben’s Instigator Blog and Darren’s ProBlogger, I decided to organize this little …

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