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Develop Your Exam Study Schedule

For law students, Thanksgiving break marks the final stretch of time until exams begin. After this weekend, most of us have about two weeks of classes, and then it’s time to prove our abilities (or not).

Law Student has a great article on preparing your exam schedule. It explains how to decide when to study for which classes, and what you should focus on during your study time. This is a great resource that you should definitely check out.

The one caveat I would add to this study schedule is that it does seem a bit rigid. I like the idea of planning your study time and making sure you don’t short change a course, but be sure to remain flexible (Top Law Student points this out as well). You may allocate two study days for a course, but really end up needing three. Or you might have everything down in a single day of hard work. Let yourself deviate from the schedule, if needed.

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