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3 Reasons Why I Love the Bar Exam

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Oh, Bar Exam, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

1. You’re vacationing with me in Roanoke, Virginia this summer.

Without you, Bar Exam, I would have to stay in the lovely town of Charlottesville all summer. I wouldn’t get to rent a roach-motel-room in Roanoke. I wouldn’t get to put on a suit (no joke, required attire by Virginia) and spend two glorious days and nights in such a lovely city.

And this means that I get to drive two wonderful hours down the beautiful interstate highway as well. Yes, trucks zipping by me, the smell of exhaust pouring through my car. It will be a great experience! And that’s thanks to you, Bar Exam.


2. You aren’t high maintenance, not at all.

I’ve only spent over $3,000 preparing for you. I hear that some guys spend many times that on diamond rings for their future wives. Bar Exam, you definitely are reasonable.

And you don’t take up all my time, either. I don’t have to spend every waking hour with you – only 8 to 10 per day. That leaves me enough time to do fun things around the house, like pack for our upcoming move. You are so considerate, Bar Exam.

3. I’m a masochist.

I truly enjoy carrying around 5 huge textbooks – two of which are printed on legal paper. This physical pain helps me to grow and be a stronger man.

And your hundreds of crazy questions give me joy as well. I get to feel my brain implode when the answers elude me. Then I can beat myself silly when I realize how easy the question should’ve been to me in the first place.

I’m definitely looking forward to the overwhelming stress of actually facing you in three weeks. Stress is most enjoyable! Hundreds of over-achievers locked in a convention center together, all worried that they’re going to fall flat on their faces. You’re making my summer grand, Bar Exam!

Really, it’s not that bad. I’m just in an odd mood this evening. 🙂

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25 Responses to “3 Reasons Why I Love the Bar Exam”

  1. Juggling Frogs
    July 5th, 2007

    Good luck, Andrew! I bet you’ll hit it out of the park!

  2. Andrew Flusche
    July 5th, 2007

    Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for your vote of confidence. I really appreciate it!