You Can Do It – Set Tiny Goals for Next Semester

It’s the end of the semester for most of us students. Some of us (OK, me) have exams left. But a lot of law students are finished. Congratulations! Remember, it’s never to late to start planning next semester.

That’s why Angela Booth’s post about setting writing goals for 2007 seemed appropriate for today.

Angela’s take on your 2007 goals is simple: set small, specific goals, that you know you can meet. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to do more …

Develop Your Exam Study Schedule

For law students, Thanksgiving break marks the final stretch of time until exams begin. After this weekend, most of us have about two weeks of classes, and then it’s time to prove our abilities (or not).

Law Student has a great article on preparing your exam schedule. It explains how to decide when to study for which classes, and what you should focus on during your study time. This is a great resource that you should definitely check out.

The one caveat I would add …

Use Intention Manifestation for Success on Exams

These days, the blogosphere buzzes with the concept of intention manifestation. I was just listening to a podcast from Steve Pavlina (actually his wife, Erin). It really hit me that this idea of manifesting what you want really applies to law school exams.

What is it?

Here’s what you do: Think of what you really want. Conform your actions to your mind, behaving like you really want it. Wait patiently.

Basically, the concept of intention manifestation states that you can get what you want in …

Prepare for 1L Exams – Law Study Systems

Update (9/17/07) – Win FREE licenses to Law Study Systems. Click here to learn how!

There is a new kid on the block to help you study for your law school exams: Law Study Systems. If you haven’t checked out LSS, you should go give it a quick look.

LSS provides an online study portal for law school classes. It has courses divided up into pieces. Each piece of a course has lessons, sample exams and answers, plus several extras to help reinforce the material.

The system is new this year, so they are …

Prepare for Exams – Utilize Your Resources

As exam time looms on the horizon for us students, it’s important to have your resources at the ready. Aren’t the best resources free?! I’m definitely trying to help you out, since I need to have my resources in order as well. Hopefully I will be writing more on this subject in the coming weeks. For now, here’s a quick compilation of some articles to check out. If you know of other great articles for students taking exams, please post a comment or drop me a line.

Do well on your exams with …

The Lazy Way to Success On Exams

If you are in virtually any type of school, exams are lurking around the corner. For those of us in law school (and probably other graduate schools), the exam constitutes our entire grade for each class. How are you going to ensure a successful exam period?

What you haven’t done

If you’re like most people (including yours truly), your course outlines are far from complete. In fact, I haven’t even started mine. But that’s life as a 3L. For those of you who have an outline, I applaud your hard work!

Perhaps you haven’t read any of the …

Prepare for Exams: Curb Your Blogging Addiction

Are you addicted to blogging? Do you spend your day reading RSS feeds, commenting on posts, and responding to your readers? If so, what are you going to do when exam time rolls around in a few weeks? As one reader asked, “Any suggestions on curbing the blogging addiction so my grades don’t suffer?” Here you go:

Set time limits – In the run up to exam time, set (and stick to) firm time limits on your blog reading and ‘riting. For …

Top 11: Ways to Be Productive in Class During Your Third Year of Law School

This is the first in what I plan to be a series: Top 11 Lists. Why 11? Here’s a better question: why 10? No good reason, right? Well, 11’s a prime number, and they’re just cool. Plus, 11 allows me to one-up most other “top” lists.

11. Make travel arrangements for your clerkship interviews

Everybody needs a way to travel cheaply for clerkship interviews, and Farecast provides it. Simply enter your departure and destination cities and dates, and Farecast will tell you whether you should purchase your …

Note Taking in Word: A Tale of Two Methods

As classes get into full swing, I thought it would be a good time to look at two different methods of taking notes in Microsoft Word. The classic problem is how to take reading notes as well as class notes, keeping both sets of notes organized and accessible.

Side by Side

The first method involves using two separate Word files, one for each set of notes (reading v. lecture). Simply take notes in a Word document while reading, and then use another Word document for taking notes during class. You can label each set of notes with the date for the assignments, and in this way you can keep your reading notes aligned with your class notes.

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