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Top 11: Ways to Be Productive in Class During Your Third Year of Law School

This is the first in what I plan to be a series: Top 11 Lists. Why 11? Here’s a better question: why 10? No good reason, right? Well, 11’s a prime number, and they’re just cool. Plus, 11 allows me to one-up most other “top” lists.

11. Make travel arrangements for your clerkship interviews


Everybody needs a way to travel cheaply for clerkship interviews, and Farecast provides it. Simply enter your departure and destination cities and dates, and Farecast will tell you whether you should purchase your plane ticket now or wait for a lower rate.

10. Monitor clerkship selections via the clerkship blog

While planning your interview trip, stay up-to-date on clerkship news with The Clerkship Notification Blog. The blog has a section for every federal circuit, as well as all fifty states. Post your thoughts, questions, and comments, while monitoring what other people have to say.

9. Register for the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam

If you’re planning to practice in a state that requires the MPRE, you can check out info at the MPRE’s Website. You can even register online.

8. Order books for bar exam review

It’s allegedly insane to not take a bar review course before the most important exam in your career. You can learn about most bar review programs online (like BAR/BRI). If you’re lucky, you might also be able to find used review books online. I know that in Texas, Half Price Books has a wide selection of used bar exam books.

7. Earn points for free stuff from Westlaw and LexisNexis

Everybody likes things for free! Why not log into your Westlaw or LexisNexis and earn some points? Points = money = free stuff. What gets better than that? Personally, I think Lexis’ catalog is much better than Westlaw’s, but I did get an iPod Nano from Westlaw. They also have a decent selection of DVDs.

6. Read legal publications, like Blawg Review

There are tons of great legal websites and blogs to peruse. One great example is the carnival of law bloggers: Blawg Review. It’s a weekly snapshot of what’s going on in the world of law bloggers (or, the blawgosphere).

5. Search for a house to move into post-graduation


One thing you’ll need to think about after graduation is where you’re going to live. With that spiffy new salary you’ll start getting, why not buy a house? Of course, you can start searching on Realtor.com, but once you narrow down the choices, be sure to check out neighboring homes at Zillow. This site lets you see what neighbor’s homes (and the home you’re eying) have sold for.

4. Plan your investment strategy for your lawyer’s salary

Also with your newfound wealth, you will finally have money to invest. If you’re like me, you have no clue where to begin. Fortunately, Ramit at I will Teach You to be Rich has loads of advice for young, future-professionals like yourself. Be sure to start learning early, so when the paychecks start arriving you’ll be ready to put your plans in action. The earlier you start, the better compound interest will work in your favor.

3. Learn how to get things done with “getting things done”

Ok, I had to put something that is actually productive in here. If you don’t know about GTD, it’s time to learn. What better time than the Corporations class that you care nothing about during your third year? Here’s your starting page for this awesome productivity system: the GTD primer.

2. Increase your knowledge of current events with Digg Swarm

Everyone knows all about Digg. But have you checked out Digg’s feature called “Swarm“? It turns current events into a game. Articles that people are digging pop up on your scream and run around, linking to each other with categories. If you don’t like an article, you “kill” it. It’s pretty nifty, and a good way to kill a few minutes, while maybe learning something in the process.

1. Write a blog post

Enough said.

Do you have things that 3L’s can do to be productive in class? Post a comment or drop me a line to let us know!

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