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Prepare for 1L Exams – Law Study Systems

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There is a new kid on the block to help you study for your law school exams: Law Study Systems. If you haven’t checked out LSS, you should go give it a quick look.

LSS provides an online study portal for law school classes. It has courses divided up into pieces. Each piece of a course has lessons, sample exams and answers, plus several extras to help reinforce the material.

The system is new this year, so they are providing FREE access this semester. The downside is that I believe they will begin charging fees in the spring. But maybe you can take advantage of some free tutorials for now.

You have to register to be able to view the materials. They ask you to provide your name, location, and email address (plus a username and password). Registration is easy, but that’s one more company who has your email address.

Here is the current course offering:

  • Civil Procedure: Personal Jurisdiction
  • Contracts: The Cost of Completion Remedy
  • Contracts: Foundations of Offer and Acceptance
  • Contracts: The Parol Evidence Rule
  • Contracts: Mirror Image Rule; UCC 2-207
  • Criminal Law: Actus Reus
  • Criminal Law: Mistake of Law; Mistake of Fact

LSS seems to be run by some professors from Chicago-Kent College of Law. The Actus Reus course has 43 registered participants, and I think about 40 of them attend Chicago-Kent.

In the end, this might be a useful tool to check out, at least while it’s free. Who knows, it might be offered for a reasonable price down the road.

If you have used LSS or another good study aid, please let us know. Post a comment or drop me a line.

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