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Digg Has What It Takes – Login Memory


Digg is clearly the largest social news site. It drives tons of traffic, has millions of users, and regularly crashes web servers with its influx of traffic. But what makes Digg better than the plethora of Digg clones out there?

Digg keeps users logged in.

Propeller always logs me out periodically. Then I have to go through the hassle of logging in again. The same goes for Sk*rt (and what’s with that name!?). And Sphinn makes me login almost every visit.

But I never have to re-login at Digg.

I have wondered if Firefox has a problem on my machine. Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. But I think the other clone sites just don’t have the know-how to keep me logged in. They just aren’t smart enough.

Consequently, I participate at Digg much more often. I’m never turned away by a big login screen and blinking cursor. All the other sites lose visits and votes from me, just because I’m lazy. But really it’s because their sites don’t have what it takes to be login-free.

What about you?

Do you have to re-login at other social news sites? Does Digg work the best for you?

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11 Responses to “Digg Has What It Takes – Login Memory”

  1. Marina @ Sufficient Thrust
    November 13th, 2007

    That’s funny, because Digg ALWAYS logs me out. It drives me nuts. I can’t figure out what I’m doing differently with it, either, because I stay logged in to everything else. It makes me very unlikely to digg as a result.

  2. Eric S. Mueller
    November 13th, 2007

    I have the same problem with Digg. Sometimes Digg will log me out in between leaving comments. I’ll leave one comment, then try to leave another and find I’m logged out. I also find that Digg doesn’t work with Firefox for me, so I have to use IE (IE Tab in Firefox does work) or another browser.

    I also hate the captchas. I have a lot of trouble with them. Does it want the letter capitalized, or not? They never seem consistent.

  3. Andrew Flusche
    November 14th, 2007

    It’s quite interesting that you guys have problems staying logged in at Digg. I thought it just had the technology figured out well. But apparently they’re all flaky with different people.

    Eric – I hear you on the captchas. I can’t stand them!! The capitalization bit is the worst part.

  4. A. Marques
    November 17th, 2007

    I’m with you Andrew. Digg and del.icio.us keep me there but Propeller and others require me to log in almost every time.
    But I think this is just a small thing in everything that makes Digg the huge success it is.

  5. Modern Living Room Furniture
    November 24th, 2007

    I think It may be the browser that each individual uses. Firefox logs me out, but explorer keeps me logged in. Weird, that!

  6. Jack Yan
    February 25th, 2008

    Ditto, Andrew. I joined Digg a long time ago but only became a regular user recently. It would log me out (I use IE7) a few times, but eventually I’d get back in. This morning, every time I went to Digg, I found it had logged me out. I signed back on over seven times to no avail.

  7. Hernan F
    February 26th, 2008

    I’ve got it the other way round. With IE I can’t do anything ’cause I’m logged out at the very first second after I logged in. I had to switch to Firefox just to add a couple of lines comment.

  8. Rajiv
    February 28th, 2008

    Actually I have found Digg logs me out all the time, even when I have selected the remember me option. I am using Opera and its got the wand enabled to re-logging in with Opera is very easy since it will remember the username and password for all the sites and will enter them at the click of a button. Digg is good, but the submission process is a bit tedious with all its checks.

  9. Andrew Flusche
    February 29th, 2008

    It’s fascinating to see how many people have different experiences. I really thought it was a solid feature, but others are obviously reporting problems with it. Odd.

  10. chris
    May 28th, 2008

    i thought they fixed it, but their logging me out just before I submit. haha

  11. Sid Savara
    August 10th, 2008

    I’m a bit late to the party, but Digg has always been hit or miss for me. It doesn’t always log me out, but it does tend to log me out at weird times too – often right when I am about to submit. I never figured it out, but I would just relogin =)

    Other times, it would surprise me to find out that I was logged in as someone else, because people would log me out and log in on their accounts and it would remember =P

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