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Good Lifehack for Law Students and Lawyers: Mega Mini Challenge

As a law student, one of the things that can be terribly hard to do is motivate yourself to do things, especially reading for class (and especially when you are a third year!). It is just quite simply difficult to push yourself to get things done when there is no real deadline or the deadline is weeks away (like a looming final exam).

I’m sure everyone else (especially lawyers) faces this similar challenge. That is why I really like the “Mega Mini Challenge” idea from Lifehack.org‘s interview with Andy Mitchell:

I am most likely to procrastinate when there is no pressure; and for me, there can be no pressure unless there is a deadline in a few hours.

Therefore, mundane daily events have to become deadlines. Lunch cannot be taken until X is done. The call of nature cannot be answered until Y is satisfied. It certainly sparks focus, not to mention weight loss and exemplary bladder control…

What could be more simple? I love using this technique. The only problem for me is that I sometimes push myself too far and will not get up from my desk to get water or something else that is very important. As with all things, moderation is the key.

How do you get yourself motivated when there is no pressure? Leave a comment or drop me a line to let us know.

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