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Top 5 Reasons to Hate GTD

This is my contribution to ProBlogger’s top 5 group writing project. You should contribute as well, and maybe you’ll win $1,001!

The interweb is filled with so much info about GTD. People tout how much you can accomplish with it. But here are five reasons people might hate it.

1. Too many books to read

A book? Do people still read those? David Allen has already written two (Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything). Word has it that he’s thinking up another one. Books take up precious time!

2. More blogs than there’s time for

I don’t know about you, but I spend lots of time surfing and reading blogs. Reading GTD blogs alone can suck up hours every day. Check out this partial list!

The Cranking Widgets Blog
What’s the Next Action?
43 Folders
Open Loops
Getting Things Done
GTD Wannabe
The Daily Saint
(trying to) Get Things Done

3. Baffling number of applications

When you get started with GTD, deciding on software to use is mind boggling. There are so many choices and it’s so hard to decide what you need. Then you’re tempted to switch applications midstream. And then you might want to switch again. It’s so frustrating! This is only a partial list:

Midnight Inbox
Thinking Rock
Kinkless GTD

4. Indexes out the butt

Even if you can decide on a system and nail it down, there are too many places to look for more information. You’ll turn up thousands of search results for almost anything GTD-related. And there are indexes created for lots of different things. Which one do I turn to?

The Ultimate GTD Index
GTD Software – Listible
GTD Feedburner Network
GTD Weblogs

5. Too many moleskine choices

It’s the notebook of choice for many GTD’ers. But they’re darn expensive. And there are so many to choose from! Once you decide on a style, such as pocket, you’ll still have decisions to make from there. I’m just too indecisive for that.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic here. I love GTD!

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