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How to Achieve Goals Faster – Identify With Them

I recently got really behind on my podcast listening. I just caught up, and in the process, I listened to a great podcast by Steve Pavlina.

In this podcast, Steve talks about a method of achieving goals faster. Instead of taking the typical approach of identifying the steps to a goal, Steve urges that we think about the symptoms of actually reaching the goal.

Thus, ask yourself, “What will I be like when I reach this goal?” “What do people do who already have this quality / feature / thing?” etc. The concept is to identify with your goal and bring yourself into sync with the end result.

My favorite example from Steve’s podcast is this: Think about a physically fit person’s mind being place into an overweight body. The physically fit mindset would immediately take over and implement changes to become fit. It’s not about what you do so much as who you are.

I definitely don’t explain this like Steve does, so go listen to the podcast. It’s about 18 minutes, but it’s great!

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One Response to “How to Achieve Goals Faster – Identify With Them”

  1. Chad R.
    September 11th, 2008

    I was wondering. About a year ago I saw a comment about a movie called The Opus http://www.TheOpusMovie.com on one of your blogs. I just saw the Movie and loved it. Have you seen it yet? What were your thoughts?

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