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Write a General Lesson, from a Personal Perspective

How many newspaper columnists ramble on about their daily lives? Would you read that column, if it’s all the author wrote?

What about somebody who writes like this:

I went to the market today. I bought an apple. It’s hot outside.

Why would you read that? Perhaps if the author is well-known, or your family, or a friend. But otherwise, I hope you’ve got better things to do.

Personal is great

Writing from a personal perspective is definitely a great way to humanize your work. I am not advocating impersonal writing at all.

The point is that you’ve got to give readers something more.

Find a general lesson

The best way I’ve found to be personal and readable is to pull a general lesson out of personal encounters. If something crazy happened at the grocery store, tell me why I should care. What does it have to do with me?

Why do children like fables? They’re a fun little story. Why do parents like them? They teach a lesson.

Put something in it for everyone, and you can’t go wrong.


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