Reader Question – Update Cross-Reference Footnote Numbers in Word

I recently received a great question from a reader, Dani. I’m guessing she read my post on using Word cross-references, since that’s the topic of her question. Here’s what she asked:

When I use the cross-referencing feature in footnotes, the notes do not automatically update. They seem to ‘know’ that the corresponding fn number has been changed (when I control + click on the cross-referenced footnote, it takes me to the correct footnote), but it continues to call it by the old number. Any advice?

The problem for Dani was that Word does not automatically update the …

How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less, by Nicholas Boothman (book review)

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I recently finished reading a great book by Nicholas Boothman, entitled How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less. I highly recommend this book to …

Harness the Power of Word Cross-References for Mammoth Documents

I just moved a paragraph in my research paper, and now my Table of Contents and footnotes are not correct! Has this ever happened to you? How many times have you composed a long Word document, only to have a simple edit screw up your numbered elements?

You need to harness the power of cross-references. Whether your document is a brief, a pleading, a research paper, or your new novel, Word cross-references will solve many of your problems.


The primary use I have found for Word bookmarks is to make a Table of Contents for your document in progress. …

Tips on Writing – Use Them on Your Next Brief

I just ran across a great capsule-summary of writing tips (via Paul Graham’s Guide to Writing provides a quick synopsis of things to remember when writing. Here is my favorite part:

… print out drafts instead of just looking at them on the screen; use simple, germanic words; learn to distinguish surprises from digressions; learn to recognize the approach of an ending, and when one appears, grab it.

I think these tips apply to all types of writing (and I can …

Save Writing Time with Footnote Hotkey

For those Microsoft Word users out there, first let me say, I’m sorry. But, I am in the same boat as you. However, maybe my little tip today will help make your end-of-term papers just a little bit quicker to get through.

As anyone in the legal field (be it school or practice) knows, legal writing entails fun footnotes. I suppose that applies more to school, since law review format calls for footnotes. So when you are typing along on your research paper or note, why take all that time to click Insert, Reference, Footnote? Word …

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