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Whew! It’s been a big weekend for Legal Andrew. I’ll post details in a day or two, but my post on photo law made the main page at Digg!

For now, I wanted to point out a couple things you might enjoy reading.

Susan Cartier Liebel did a great examination of whether or not law students should blog. If you’re pondering the topic at all, it’s a must read.

I just published a …

5 Life Lessons from the Bar Exam

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I joined several hundred other budding lawyers in Roanoke, Virginia. We sat through 12 hours of examinations, and I think everyone survived. I’m not sure that I know anything about the law, but I learned some good lessons about life.

1. Sneakers don’t go with a suit

Virginia is definitely stuck in the past. We all had to wear suits for both days of the exam. But to keep the noise down on the hard floor, we had to wear soft-soled shoes. For most people, this meant sneakers. Needless to say, we …

Wise Bar Exam Words Heard at Church

I try not to get too religious on this blog. It’s about productivity, lawyering, technology, and my random babbling.

But today’s Gospel from Church really applies to all that. Bear with me here.

I’m doing my best to stay calm for the bar exam, but it ain’t easy. And then some great words of Christ were in today’s Gospel. Basically, we shouldn’t be worried and anxious about petty things. Only one thing really matters, and it isn’t the Virginia bar exam.

The specific passage is Luke 10:38-42 (emphasis added):

As they continued their journey he [Jesus] entered a village …

Bar Exam Home Stretch – Tips for Success

As I write this, thousands of aspiring attorneys are staring at the most important test of our careers. Failing the bar exam isn’t fatal, but nobody wants it to happen. You can retake it, but that delays your license, costs more money, requires more studying, and might even cost your job.

My exam (and other Virginia examinees) is less than four days away. So what should I be doing right now? What should you do? How are these final days best spent?

1. Review the big picture

Now is not the time to try to study tiny exceptions …

Extending Legal Client “Rules” to Everyone

The [non]Billable Hour has a great post containing 15 rules for clients. It begins rather harshly, but then does a good job of setting some realistic expectations.

Honestly, I think anyone looking for any type of service provider should keep these “rules” in mind. In fact, think of them more like a myth-buster. De-cloud your thinking, and you will be a more satisfied client.

Take rule #1, for instance: “You have wants. You have needs. Focus on the needs first. Wants …

Networking Tips and Advice

When you’re looking for a new job or more clients, it all comes down to that critical task: networking. Two good articles just crossed my desktop on the subject.

First, check out Jim Hassett’s article on better networking results. He provides some great, concrete tips to enhance your networking abilities.

Next, you can check out How to Become an Extrovert in 4 Easy Steps for some simple tips on diving into social situations with ease.

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Legal Matters Sheet Helps with Jobs and Clients

As an attorney you probably remember many of the matters (cases and/or deals) you have worked on. However, how many have you forgotten? What about you law students? Do you remember all the pro bono or clerk matters you helped with? Keeping a “matters sheet” on hand solves this problem.

This article at Guerrilla Job Hunting explains the benefit of a “deal sheet” for salesmen:

Sales guys — show them proof! Keep an up-to-date deal sheet – instead of a resume – on your PC at work which …

LinkedIn Can Network Lawyers to Each Other and to Clients

I must be behind the times. I had never heard of LinkedIn until yesterday. If you are like me, you might be missing out on a great tool for lawyers.

What is it?

LinkedIn provides an online method to network. Simply register for a FREE account, enter a few facts about yourself (occupation, employers, education – as much or as little as you want), and you can instantly connect with people like yourself.

Minutes after I registered, I was able to see lawyers from both my summer firms, as well …

Automated Phone Tree, Courtesy of Pheeder

I just found a great new service, pointed out by the [non]billable hour.

Basically, you enter phone number and the numbers of people you want to contact. Pheeder then calls you to record your name and message. Pheeder will then call your friends and pass the message on to them. Two-way communication is allowed: your friends can record a message, and then Pheeder calls you back so you can hear it.

One awesome way to use this, suggested by the [non]billable hour, would be to cancel client appointments if …

Getting People to See Your Way – Follow-Up Thoughts

Hopefully you got the chance to read my recent post about getting your client or interviewer to see things your way, which was a continuation of Open Loops’ article on How to Deal With An Irate Person. If you missed these posts, please do yourself a favor and take time to read them (this post continues their theme).

I wanted to take a minute to share two different success stories with you, regarding the “synchronization” or “pace and lead” technique of conversation.

Reader Feedback!

First, …

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