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Automated Phone Tree, Courtesy of Pheeder

I just found a great new service, pointed out by the [non]billable hour.

Basically, you enter phone number and the numbers of people you want to contact. Pheeder then calls you to record your name and message. Pheeder will then call your friends and pass the message on to them. Two-way communication is allowed: your friends can record a message, and then Pheeder calls you back so you can hear it.

One awesome way to use this, suggested by the [non]billable hour, would be to cancel client appointments if an emergency comes up. However, the ethics of putting client info into a FREE system such as this might be questionable.

You could use this, though, to notify friends if something comes up when you were supposed to meet them for a gathering. Also, you could use it for coworkers, in the event you can’t just send an email with your BlackBerry.

Lawyering aside, you could also use Pheeder as a phone tree (or just single branch doing it all) for a club or organization you might be in charge of. Perhaps you could use it for your local bar association committee or non-profit organization work. It could also notify your church committees of upcoming events. Use it for political activism, getting out the vote, etc. The uses seem endless.

Does anyone have experience using Pheeder? What was it like? Please let us know by posting a comment or drop me a line.

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