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Business Card Display Holder Ideas

business card display

We talk a lot about business cards around here, from distinguishing them to students, finding unique cards, and legal card ideas. But what about business card display? What kind of cool business card holders do you use?

Business card display on your car

A neat idea that I recently saw is pictured here. A car had typical lettering on the back window (selling solar panels, I believe). But it also had a built-in business card holder: the wiper blade!

The wiper blade had simple “take one” labels stuck to it. A couple business cards were stuck underneath the wiper. Any interested passerby could grab a quick business card as they walked by. Cool, right?

I’ve seen a car-mounted business card display before. A Realtor mounted acrylic business card holders to the back window and filled them up. It made a handy display for these essential networking tools.

Card holders indoors

You also need a good way to showcase your business cards inside your office. Try something unique, not just the standard acrylic business card holder.

One idea is to use something that’s not a business card display. You could put a few business cards in a small plate that you like and place that on your desk or counter. That breaks out of the mold and shows your personality.

Since I’m a woodworker, I plan to make a small wooden plate to hold my business cards. It will be truly unique, but really simple.

Your display ideas?

How do you show off your business cards? Do you have a unique business card display? Let’s share!

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