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Business Cards for (Law) Students

Business Card

If you are looking for a job, I’m sure you have a resume. But do you have a networking business card? If not, that could harm your networking and job finding potential.

You undoubtedly know the value of networking. You meet people, tell them a bit about yourself, and eventually someone on your network might volley a job opportunity your way. Your resume is crucial for this process. What do you do when you are somewhere without a resume? Do you carry copies of your resume to your friend’s wedding? Do you carry them to a bar or concert? That’s where your business card comes in.

The idea is to make business cards that contain your contact information and a snapshot about the opportunity you are seeking (otherwise known as your “objective”). Thus, when you meet someone, you can easily give him/her this card. When that person thinks of a great opportunity for “that guy” he met at a bar, he can simply pull out your card and give you a call. Sure, business cards get lost, but names are really easy to forget.

What about law students?

Why not? You are looking for a job, right? You have contact information to put on a card, don’t you? Maybe you will be one of the few law students with a business card, but is that bad? Plus, you will have something to give interviewers when they offer their business card (everyone likes getting something when they give). Also, if your interviewer does not automatically offer a card, you can prompt it by offering yours. It’s win-win, right?

Where to print them?

Free Shipping on Orders over $50 at VistaPrint.com!

The options here are pretty wide open. You can get some business card paper from your local office supply store for $15-20 and print them at home. Contrary to popular belief, modern print-at-home business cards are fairly high quality and don’t have that cheap look to them.

Another option is to take them to a local print shop. I’m not sure what the cost would be, but I’m sure it would be affordable. Plus, this route might give you more design options such as nifty raised text.

Finally, you can have your cards printed online. There are various companies such as VistaPrint who offer professional, affordable business cards, delivered to your front door.

Still have questions?

For some more information on this subject, try a Google search or check out this page from Quintessential Careers.

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25 Responses to “Business Cards for (Law) Students”

  1. [...] This was posted at 7:25am MST. Scroll down and see if there are any updates, which I’ll have in red, bold, as they come in. Also, leave comments on your favorites, thoughts, etc.! Phil Windley is a professor at BYU, was the CTO of Utah, author of a geek book and writes for a ZDNet blog as well as InfoWorld. I was flattered hat he digressed from his normal topic to address this question … read Phil’s entry here. Justin Driscoll is the author of 7 Things I wish I Knew Before I Graduated (I can’t wait to get his and review it). Is very in touch with the university crowd and does regular presentations as a part of his normal day job … read Justin’s entry here. Carl Chapman is The Executive Restaurant Recruiter, and a great blogger. His story hit home with me and has some great lessons … read Carl’s entry here. Liz Handlin is VP of a professional services firm and owns Ultimate Resumes – she is very qualified in this area and has some great advice … read Liz’s entry here. Joe Neitham is a Sr. IT Recruiter in Singapore. Very interesting, has a cool blog with neat content … read Joe’s entry here. Benton Crane is a .. at FamlyLearn, a company that seems to have a way cool culture. His perspective is quite different than most of the others on this page … read Benton’s entry here. John Reinke has a very interesting blog read on all kinds of stuff and has a number of posts on the “problems” (big grin) of JibberJobber. These posts really get us hopping over here. Anyway, his response is as critical as usual and very good … read John’s entry here. Scot Herrick is one of my favorite reads because he has a job, and blogs on what its like Actually, he touches on lots of different things (last week he was on a “buy your own domain” kick, which is a big part of personal branding) … read Scot’s entry here. George Blomgren is a good on-line buddy and an expert in his one rite. George is a marketing manager for a national system of job board and has developed two different blogs for job seekers and employers… read George’s entry here.jjCarolynn Duncan gained some blog fame a few months back when she started a blog about why “[her target company] should hire Carolynn Duncan”… and you saw reference to this all over the Internet. It worked, and I eventually was able to meet with her – very clever, methodical, etc. Right now she is the COO of 42CO, who is presenting their new blogging software in two days in Silicon Valley – by invite. Congrats Carolynn and team! … read Carolynn’s entry here. Barbara Safani is a well respected executive coach and resume expert who knows a lot about employment issues… she is very well known in her circle, you’ll have to read more about her (just click her name) … read Barbara’s entry here. Scott Ingram makes me jealous – he owns a great domain name (NetworkingAustin.com), lives in one of the coolest cities in one of the coolest states, and has a blog that doesn’t allow me to comment on and impart my wisdom I’ve gotten to know Scott a little and have found him to be as nice as he is cool. As a regular speaker on networking and facilitator of business networking events in Austin, I was pleased to hear he would be contributing … read Scott’s entry here. Dan Johnson is no ordinary job seeker – he started his own blog with some friends and blogs on job search things. This is a great exercise as it forces you to think about the process, and I’ve found his writings to be valuable … read his entry here. Thom Singer is pretty much responsible for this carnival thing – I participated in his a couple of months ago and he asked if I wanted to host this month. He has a book, a quiz on networking, speaks on networking and is otherwise very qualified in this arena. I was reading his post nodding the entire time. If you are interested in hosting the next carnival (has to do with networking) let Thom know! … read Thom’s entry here. Posted at 8am MST – these were actually submitted via the BlogCarnival.com website – sorry I didn’t get you guys in at the same time! Andrew Flusche presents Business Cards for (Law) Students posted at Legal Andrew. Pamela Slim presents How do you introduce yourself? posted at Escape from Cubicle Nation. Jack Yoest presents Job Search? PASS This Test posted at Reasoned Audacity. Yvonne LaRose has been in recruiting and blogging about it for quite some time… her entry is called “People Like Me Because of My Calming Nature” Share This PostThese icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

  2. reinkefj
    November 6th, 2006

    Vista Print will, from time to time, actually print some for free if you let them advertise on the back. I’d suggest that you need different “cards” for the different types of positions you are trying to target. You do have different resumes for each genre; why not cards? If you’re hard pressed for bucks, you can print your own from that card stock they sell at the OfficeWhatever store, even though in the long run that costs more and looks worse.

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  4. Andrew F
    November 6th, 2006

    I really like your suggestion about having different cards for the positions you are targeting. The problem might be keeping them all straight and giving the correct one to the correct people. But I’ll bet you could do this with two or three different cards.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting,

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  7. PrintGuy
    November 14th, 2006

    I don’t think passing around business cards printed from your printer is a good idea. It will costs more in the long run, and businesscards printed from your home/office printer usually have perforated edges. These scream unprofessionalism.
    With the cost of printing so low nowadays, there is no reason to print the businesscards yourself. Yes, vistaprint.com offers businesscards delivered to your door, but their templates don’t look professional and you can bet others have seen their designs before.
    You can choose other companies like http://www.mind2print.com or http://www.printsmadeeasy.com which offer high quality business card templates for a low price.

  8. MyOpinionOnly
    December 28th, 2006

    I agree. I think it’s a big turn to print your own off unless you are applying for a job at a scrapbooking store and then it would be iffy. You’d be shocked what people notice. I wanted to mention about VistaPrint that I got a set of cards from there and on my very first interview I noticed the gentleman took his card and put it up to mine. He said, not sure where you got these, but they shorted ya.– The cards were not full size!! I didn’t know cause I didn’t have another card handy when I got them. But he was right. Not to mention, their customer service is horrible. I haven’t used the mind2print.com but I did try printsmadeeasy.com and I really really did like theirs. Lots of different options for ‘law’ among a lot of other things. I even ordered informal announcements from there. Thanks for the tip. They were much nicer and I might add, full size!

  9. Andrew Flusche
    December 29th, 2006

    MyOpinion – Thanks a ton for commenting. I had no idea that VistaPrint’s cards weren’t full size. I really appreciate your input here and your recommendation of Prints Made Easy.

    Take care,

  10. Tony Nguyen
    January 29th, 2007

    I have used http://www.Mind2print.com for my business cards, and I think they’re great. High quality cards, low price, can’t beat that. I had some custom work done and they still got it done on time.

    Tony Nguyen


  11. Andrew Flusche
    January 29th, 2007


    Thanks for your feedback on Mind2Print. It sounds like they have a good operation going there. At least they have a lot of satisfied customers.

    Thanks for commenting,

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  14. PT-LawMom
    March 11th, 2007

    I found a great, albeit somewhat costly, site for women law students to get business cards. It’s called Design-Her Gals (http://www.designhergals.com). They donate a portion of their profits to a foundation for Stage IV cancer victims. The cards are really trendy and you’re giving to a good cause.

  15. Andrew Flusche
    March 12th, 2007


    I checked out the site you suggested, and it looks quite interesting. You’re right that these designs are very trendy. They may not be for everyone, but I’ll bet some women would find them very effective. And it’s always good to support worthy causes.

    Thanks a ton for commenting,

  16. Tony
    March 12th, 2007

    I checked out the site too. It doesn’t seem like a good site for biz cards for law students. There are pictures everywhere on the cards and the fonts that are used looks like Mattel would use them for ads.
    Just my “2 cents”

    Tony Nguyen

  17. PT-LawMom
    March 12th, 2007

    Well they actually come out looking very nice and professional and you have a choice of fonts (not just the funky ones). I ordered a batch for myself and they are thick card stock, standard size, etc. I plan to use them during law school as both business cards and inside cover identifiers for my books.

  18. Andrew Flusche
    March 12th, 2007

    It looks like people are pretty particular about their business card ideas. I didn’t realize a simple post such as this would create such strong responses in people.

    Thanks to all of you for commenting, and I hope that we can continue discussing things and sharing resources in a kind and helpful manner.

    Take care,

    PS: Maybe I should start a business card blog. :)

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  21. Gabriella
    September 14th, 2007

    Hi nice post! Think that the respons on this blog post is so high since this is a product that most of us use and everyone have opinions about… Just a quick idea n how to create very personal business cards – I did my own design and then found a site to upload & print them via. Think you need to create a ready2print PDF file for most of them (I don’t know how… but a friend of mine did it in 5 min). I used a site called http://www.optimalprint.co.uk – sure there are more of these sites.. You can buy some nice vector files as http://www.istockphoto.com – or just use that site for inspiration :) Great site!

  22. Andrew Flusche
    September 15th, 2007

    Gabriella – Thanks for the great comment! I’m glad your cards worked out well.

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  24. [...] reader responded to my article about law student business cards, and she asked some very thoughtful questions. In fact, there are some good ideas here for everyone [...]

  25. [...] reader responded to my article about law student business cards, and she asked some very thoughtful questions. In fact, there are some good ideas here for everyone [...]

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