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Business Cards for (Law) Students

Business Card

If you are looking for a job, I’m sure you have a resume. But do you have a networking business card? If not, that could harm your networking and job finding potential.

You undoubtedly know the value of networking. You meet people, tell them a bit about yourself, and eventually someone on your network might volley a job opportunity your way. Your resume is crucial for this process. What do you do when you are somewhere without a resume? Do you carry copies of your resume to your friend’s wedding? Do you carry them to a bar or concert? That’s where your business card comes in.

The idea is to make business cards that contain your contact information and a snapshot about the opportunity you are seeking (otherwise known as your “objective”). Thus, when you meet someone, you can easily give him/her this card. When that person thinks of a great opportunity for “that guy” he met at a bar, he can simply pull out your card and give you a call. Sure, business cards get lost, but names are really easy to forget.

What about law students?

Why not? You are looking for a job, right? You have contact information to put on a card, don’t you? Maybe you will be one of the few law students with a business card, but is that bad? Plus, you will have something to give interviewers when they offer their business card (everyone likes getting something when they give). Also, if your interviewer does not automatically offer a card, you can prompt it by offering yours. It’s win-win, right?

Where to print them?

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The options here are pretty wide open. You can get some business card paper from your local office supply store for $15-20 and print them at home. Contrary to popular belief, modern print-at-home business cards are fairly high quality and don’t have that cheap look to them.

Another option is to take them to a local print shop. I’m not sure what the cost would be, but I’m sure it would be affordable. Plus, this route might give you more design options such as nifty raised text.

Finally, you can have your cards printed online. There are various companies such as VistaPrint who offer professional, affordable business cards, delivered to your front door.

Still have questions?

For some more information on this subject, try a Google search or check out this page from Quintessential Careers.

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