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Distinguish Your Business Card – Ideas for Businesses and Law Firms

Many people seem incredibly unhappy with their company’s business cards. I’ll bet you’ve had a box of cards that got shoved in the desk, never to see the light of day. Why is this?

Business cards lack individuality

You work for a law firm with 500 other lawyers. Or maybe you’re a grunt in a 2500-person corporation. Everyone gets a business card, but they all say the same thing: nothing.

The stock business card says nothing about you. It doesn’t express your individuality, what differentiates you from everyone else, or what value you bring to the organization. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Set your card apart

Here are a few ideas that companies and law firms can utilize to give employees flexibility in their business cards. You can have the main logo on all of them, but give people a little freedom.

Fonts can be easily changed on a business card template. The layouts can all match, but the typeface can be up to each employee.

Likewise, the text color is ripe for differentiation. Maybe give employees a few different options.

What about the card stock color? Perhaps the card template, font, and text can all be the same, but give employees a choice of card stock.

If you really want to be wild, let employees have a custom message. An approved one-line message or slogan could let people jazz up their card and show off their originality.

Think outside the card

The point is that your business cards don’t have to be drab and boring. Employees can actually like them. Break out of the mainstream. Do something different.

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