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Best Legal Business Card Ideas

I have a small fascination with business cards (here, here, here, and here). They’re ubiquitous in our world, and they’re also garbage to many people. But I think they can be so much more. That’s why I wanted to share some great business card designs with you (a couple were discussed by Susan Cartier Liebel).

Legal advice on the back

As Larry Bodine illustrates, a criminal defense attorney is printing business cards with specific legal advice on the back. It’s targeted at bar patrons who might drive after having a few too many drinks.

The attorney, Anthony J. Colleluori, posts a catchy flyer at bars, which has some general advice and his card attached. Patrons can detach the perforated business card and keep it for future reference. It has a script on the back of what to do, how to act, and what to say, if the person gets pulled over.

That’s definitely a handy way to compel people to keep the card. What good is a business card if it’s thrown away before the prospective client needs you?

Prepaid calling card included

This technique is a little more pricey, but quite fascinating. You can have custom prepaid calling cards designed and printed. Corporate Phone Cards says they can make them starting at $0.89 per card. You also record a custom greeting that the user hears each time the card is played!

You wouldn’t use this tactic for all your business card printing. However, it could work great for specific markets. Most people have easy access to phones these days, but emergencies do happen. Wouldn’t a phone card be handy if your cell phone died, but a pay phone was nearby?

Calendar on the back


Instead of leaving the back blank, include a simple calendar for the year. Talk about a handy reference to keep in your wallet!

I’ve heard of a couple attorneys using a business card template in this manner, but I can’t find the link (sorry). Clients, colleagues, judges, and even opposing counsel love it! Everyone needs a calendar.

Design for retention

The main point is to make people want to hang onto that business card. Business card designs should focus on information AND retention. Cheap business cards can even be made useful by incorporating these tactics; you don’t have to spend a fortune.

What are you waiting for? Go out and create some awesome custom business cards!

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7 Responses to “Best Legal Business Card Ideas”

  1. Susan Cartier Liebel
    July 17th, 2007

    Andrew, thanks for mentioning my blog on our great site. Business cards are a hot topic for a myriad of reasons. I just loved my student’s idea of pre-paid calling cards as business cards. It was great. It is about creativity and not just retention…but USE. And when you think in that framework, the sky is the limit!!

  2. Andrew Flusche
    July 17th, 2007


    You are definitely right about business card use. That’s the key goal, and the one overlooked by many people.

    Thanks for your great comment!