Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lawyers

People may think that lawyers are cruel, heartless bastards. Many lawyers are. But somehow our significant others find a way to love us anyway. :)

But what do you do when buying a gift for a lawyer? Especially when it’s time for Valentine’s Day?!

Use your imagination. Think outside the box of the courtroom. And figure out what your lawyer-love might like. Here are a few suggestions.

Warm heart for warm hands

You can’t always be at your Valentine-lawyer’s side. To …

Cool Business Card Idea – Coupon on Back

Is there anything on the back of your business cards? There’s a ton of wasted real estate back there. You could use it for cartoons. Or maybe try another idea….


For your business card to be successful, potential clients must actually contact you. If they throw away your card or don’t call, it’s virtually a waste.

But who will throw away a coupon for a service or product they might need? Some people will, but many others will save it, just because it’s a coupon.

Free legal help

I’m a lawyer. …

Minimize the Magazine Mess

Quick! Count the number of magazines that clutter your house! If it’s more than a couple dozen, you need help. Here’s a few handy tips to unclutter your magazines.

1. Don’t subscribe. The easiest option is always to keep junk out of your house. If you don’t subscribe to magazines, you don’t have to worry about any mess from them.

2. Read online. There are lots of magazines online. Even the most basic magazines have at least a few articles online. This gives you all the info without …

Dress Great on the Cheap – Shirt SALE

Dressing nice can be very expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Especially for us guys. There are great tips to iron better and save on a suit. And you can also save on dress shirts!

Right now The Dress Shirt Group at Amazon is having a huge sale. Discontinued styles are up to …

Streamline Your Work – Batch Process

How many simple, repetitive tasks do you have each week? Don’t they take up a lot of time? There IS a way to get them done quicker!

Easy as building cars

The assembly line revolutionized manufacturing because it broke down a complex project into a series of small, batchable tasks.

Instead of lots of people working on all parts of the car, each person was given a discrete task that they’d do repetitively. Each worker could do his task quickly because he was geared up for it all day, every day. The tools …

Get It Done AND Clear Your Inbox – Gmail + Milk

Is your email inbox overflowing? I’ll bet that’s not helping you get things done.

There’s hope for you: Gmail + Remember the Milk.

Link directly to emails

Productivity ninjas agree that you should archive email, not leave it in your inbox. But what about emails that have critical information in them? You probably get emails from your boss, asking you to do things. Nobody wants to lose those!

Gmail has a little known feature that lets you link directly to any email. …

Be a Better Writer with Leo – Write to Done

Do you want to be a better writer? You need to subscribe to Leo Babauta’s new blog, Write to Done.

You may know Leo from Zen Habits, his wildly-popular productivity blog. Didn’t you hear that it’s the best overall blog for 2007?

The first post went up on January 9. And today Leo has 3,066 subscribers. Are you one of them?

Write to Done is already a great resource for writers. And it will only get better with time. Leo is promising two “unmissable …

I’m on Facebook – Now What?

I’ll bet you’re on Facebook. But now what do you do? How do you leverage this tool for your career, business, and social life?

I’m on Facebook – Now What? will teach you!

After Jason Alba’s popular LinkedIn book, he has teamed up with Jesse Stay to tackle Facebook.

If you’re looking for a thorough, but readable, guide to Facebook, you need to read this book. I’m on Facebook – Now What? gives you the keys to making the …

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