Charitable Tax Deductions Tracked with ItsDeductible

You don’t want to forget any tax deductions. A big one that everyone remembers is charitable donations.

But how do you easily track all of those donations? You might have donated cash, stock, household items, or even driven your car to volunteer. All of these are prime tax deductions. And you don’t want to forget them.

That’s where ItsDeuctible can help.

Track tax deductions online

This is a FREE online service by TurboTax. It allows you to input all of your charitable donations throughout the year. And then it …

Free Technical Support From MinuteFix

Do you need some technical support? You should check out MinuteFix.

This is a new tech support service, pioneered in part by Phil Gerbyshak. If you don’t know Phil, you definitely need to meet him. He’s a great guy, and I’m sure MinuteFix will be a great company!

If you need some technical support, just visit MinuteFix. They have certified technicians who will resolve your problem over the internet, or you don’t have to pay!

The cost is only $0.99 per minute. It’s 100% secure, and I’m sure you’ll be happy …

Virginia Lawyer – At Your Fingertips

Since I passed the Virginia bar exam and became a lawyer, life has been different.

People ask me legal questions. They bring problems to me. They look to me for help.

And I haven’t even marketed myself as a Virginia lawyer. I just blog, work my in-house counsel job, and ride my bicycle.

I’ve always been open to contact from anyone who needs help. And I want to make myself even more accessible.

Feel free to email me at Or you can see other contact options on my contact page. You’ll also notice a …

Get Your Tax Refund In Record Time!

It’s February 23, and my 2007 federal tax refund is already in the bank. Where’s yours?

Tax refund options

I already wrote about tax deductions, so now it’s time to look at the best way to get your tax refund.

With almost every American filing a tax return by April 15, there are lots of services and software to help get the job done. But which one should you use?

Paper forms – I’ve done this every year until now. Go to your local library or download the IRS tax forms from …

Ultimate Handbook for Life and Simplicity – Zen Habits

If you’re looking to simplify your life, Leo Babauta has the resource you need:

The Zen Habits Handbook for Life

This is a brand new e-book that Leo released today! I was privileged enough to receive a review copy, and it’s well worth the $6.95 he’s asking for it.

The Handbook for Life reorganizes a ton of the great tips from Zen Habits and presents them in a slick PDF format. This makes it easy to give as a gift, read on a …

Decision Time – Fix the Old or Buy New?

You’ve probably been faced with this important decision several times: Do you invest more money in your old thing or shell out the cash for a new one?

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your car, lawnmower, house, or computer. There’s a set of questions you run through. You make a decision based on similar factors, every time.

I’ve been facing one of these decisions all weekend. My bicycling hobby took me to the local bike shop. They kindly told me that it …

Crazy Attorney Advertising Pics and Videos

Where there’s an attorney, you’ll probably find crazy advertising. Florida has regulated it heavily, and most areas regularly deal with the same issues.

Attorneys can’t portray themselves offering assistance to aliens, and they can’t have a phone number like 1-800-PIT-BULL.

But lawyers still have some crazy ads and signs!!


Quick legal help and a cup of coffee


Would you seriously consider hiring these guys?


Talk about specializing!

Carol Browne

All the relief you need


Aggressive and compassionate



Screw Uncle Sam – Take Your Tax Deductions!

Uncle Sam tries to screw you all year long. But tax deductions are your chance to get him back! The more deductions you can claim, the more cash you get back. And who doesn’t like getting a fat tax refund?!

Here are some tax deductions that you might have overlooked. Don’t leave a single penny on the table!

1. Medical mileage – You surely didn’t forget to add up your medical expenses, but what about mileage to and from appointments? You can deduct $0.20 per mile for medical trips, and you …

Get Connected with the Fredericksburg Area Bar Association

A professional is nothing without a network. Unless you’re a professional monk. Then I guess you can meditate all day in a secluded forest.

But the rest of us need to make connections. We need to know people, help them, and have friends to call on in times of need.

Lawyers especially need a network. How do you get clients without them knowing about you? Where will you turn for quick legal tips without knowing other lawyers? And how will you stay sane without friends?

Moving to Fredericksburg, Virginia

After law …

Your Copyright Fair Use Crash Course

Are you a blogger or podcaster? Or do you enjoy pro football games? Maybe you make videos for YouTube. You need to know about fair use. It might save your butt someday.

I am a Virginia-licensed attorney, but this article is only for educational purposes.

Copyright infringement defense

People who create original works obtain copyright in their creations. But copyright protection has limits.

If you are accused of violating someone’s copyright, fair use is a potential defense. You have to prove that your actions constituted fair use. How do …

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