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Get Connected with the Fredericksburg Area Bar Association

fredericksburg virginia city hall

A professional is nothing without a network. Unless you’re a professional monk. Then I guess you can meditate all day in a secluded forest.

But the rest of us need to make connections. We need to know people, help them, and have friends to call on in times of need.

Lawyers especially need a network. How do you get clients without them knowing about you? Where will you turn for quick legal tips without knowing other lawyers? And how will you stay sane without friends?

Moving to Fredericksburg, Virginia

After law school in Charlottesville, my career brought our family to Fredericksburg, Virginia (technically Stafford, but Fredericksburg is next door). We knew no one here, except our new coworkers.

I set out to meet people. I’m a lawyer, so I wanted to join the local bar association. Too bad I couldn’t find it. Google didn’t turn up a website or a contact person. But I kept looking.

Finally I found a phone number for the Executive Director of the Fredericksburg Area Bar Association. I joined!

Meeting Fredericksburg lawyers

For only $95 per year, I’m a member of the local bar association. I go to our monthly meetings, and I’ve met a number of other local attorneys. This has been the best way to start establishing myself professionally.

I’ve only been a member since December, so I have been to just two meetings. My approach is to concentrate on remembering three or four names each meeting. I’ll get to know the whole crowd in due time.

Join your local group!

Where else will you find a room full of professionals in your field? Find the applicable local association of similar professionals and join up! It will probably be cheap and a great resource in your arsenal.

If there isn’t a group like this for your field or city, start one! Create a simple group on Meetup and start finding people who want to participate. There’s no excuse not to.

If you want to join the Fredericksburg Area Bar Association, email me and I’ll pass along the contact info.

What local professional group have you joined?

Photo of Fredericksburg City Hall by KHueg

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2 Responses to “Get Connected with the Fredericksburg Area Bar Association”

  1. Modern Living Room Furniture
    February 11th, 2008

    Having been a lawyer for a very short time, i do know how imperative networking is: in all professions that are reliant on reputation and word of mouth, networking is imperative, unfortunately 😉

  2. Ted Ticket
    August 25th, 2009

    I can’t think about Virginia and not remember those killed in the VA tech shootings. Didn’t they have a warrant out for the father?

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