Maximize Firefox Searching with Hotkeys

Robert Ambrogi made a great find today: Firefox search plugins for legal research. These plugins are simple additions to the awesome, free Firefox browser, and they allow you to search Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. As Robert explains, the five plugins allow you to search the entire LII, or specific portions, depending upon which plugin you use.

I would like to take this awesome opportunity to point out two cool keyboard shortcuts (a.k.a.: …

Google Desktop Provides Seamless Information Flow

As a lawyer or law student, I’ll bet you spend a lot of time switching back and forth between Outlook and other programs all day. I know I used to. I say “used to” because I know have a solution that provides seamless information flow between Outlook and my eyes, without any user interaction.

Enter Google Desktop

If you have not heard of Google Desktop, you should definitely check it out. When it first hit the market, Google’s Desktop app focused on search abilities. Google has now extended this functionality to include an awesome “sidebar” …

How Do You Use Post-It Notes?

You just gotta love the Post-It Note. A small yellow square of handy stickiness. It doesn’t get any better than that, until they made other colors, shapes and sizes. Transparent, plastic, labeled, lined, oh my! Yep, I love ‘em all.

Ok, back on track – I ran across this post that details twenty ways to use our happy yellow friend. It has some great tips and ideas that I had not actually thought of before. Be sure to check it out and maximize …

How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less, by Nicholas Boothman (book review)

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I recently finished reading a great book by Nicholas Boothman, entitled How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less. I highly recommend this book to …

Lawyer Marketing Via MySpace

There is a very interesting post over at My Shingle that discusses using MySpace to market your services as a lawyer.

Honestly, I am not quite sure what to make of this tactic. While it obviously could be successful (as My Shingle reports in its post), it also seems like it might create some professional responsibility problems. I’m no expert, but it sounds like having an online client intake form might invite people to provide too much information up front. I thought attorneys were supposed to …

The Gaping Hole in Law Firm Recruiting

Are you currently searching for a job? Do you know someone who is? If so, I’m sure you know about the frustration of connecting job candidates with hiring authorities. This is typically the job of recruiters.

The disappointing part is that some most job markets do not have a comprehensive system for managing all the information that recruiters have and presenting this information to job candidates. This is particularly true in the legal field.

I was browsing through my feed reader this evening, and I finally found someone who understands what law firm recruting needs. …

Automated Phone Tree, Courtesy of Pheeder

I just found a great new service, pointed out by the [non]billable hour.

Basically, you enter phone number and the numbers of people you want to contact. Pheeder then calls you to record your name and message. Pheeder will then call your friends and pass the message on to them. Two-way communication is allowed: your friends can record a message, and then Pheeder calls you back so you can hear it.

One awesome way to use this, suggested by the [non]billable hour, would be to cancel client appointments if …

It’s All In the Follow Through (or, Up) – Follow Up Your Job Search Letters

In grade school we were all taught that following through is critical in most sports: basketball, volleyball, baseball, etc. I never seemed to learn that lesson, or at least I never put it into practice with sports. Consequently, to this day, I stink at anything that involves a ball.

Importantly, the follow through lesson applies to all areas of our lives. As Jim explains over at the Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, following up is important when dealing with companies as well.

This principle applies to law firms too, especially when conducting a job search. …

Getting People to See Your Way – Follow-Up Thoughts

Hopefully you got the chance to read my recent post about getting your client or interviewer to see things your way, which was a continuation of Open Loops’ article on How to Deal With An Irate Person. If you missed these posts, please do yourself a favor and take time to read them (this post continues their theme).

I wanted to take a minute to share two different success stories with you, regarding the “synchronization” or “pace and lead” technique of conversation.

Reader Feedback!

First, …

Ideas for a Lawyer Unconference

Grant Griffiths over at Home Office Lawyer is working on an awesome idea: an unconference for lawyers (definition of “unconference”). He is soliciting ideas to help get the ball rolling, especially regarding speakers to have, how much people would be willing to pay, and if people would come even if it does not count as CLE. So head on over to Grant’s blog and give him your feedback; the whole legal community will appreciate it.

Here’s my two cents on this idea: it sounds …

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