Make Money With These Small Law Firm Job Search Tips

Are you looking toward small firm life after law school? Does your career services office focus on large firms? Here are some tips to jump start your job search.

Know What You Want

The key to any successful job search is to know your target job. After all, how can you find something, if you don’t know what you are looking for? Thus, you should assess your life goals, your personality, and your interests, and decide whether small firm life is good for you. One great blog on this subject is Small Firm …

Improve Public Speaking By Warming Up Properly

There is a good post over at Blargy that provides some good tips on being a great public speaker. The author does a great job of explaining some of the fundamentals to public speaking. I thought a small addition to this list might be helpful: tips on warming up.

First, let me throw in the caveat that I am not an expert by any means. However, I have done a fair amount of reading on this subject, and I have done my share …

Being Content, but Then Climbing Out

At times during everyone’s life (and especially our professional lives), things can look bleak. Perhaps your job prospects post-graduation from law school are uncertain. Maybe you are up for partner in a couple years, but you are nervous that you will not make. Just maybe your situation is far worse for some reason.

The good news it that Dawn at Frugal for Life has a great post on Contentment and Breaking Free. The key, she explains, is that when you hit a low-point, you have to accept where …

Get Your Client/Interviewer to See Things Your Way

I’m sure that everyone has come across times when had to deal with someone who was being irate. Or perhaps you have been in a meeting with a client who would not see things in the appropriate light. Or maybe you were in an interview and just could not click with the interviewer.

Open Loops has a great post that helps you understand how to deal with these situations (and so many more). From their article, How to Deal With An Irate Person:

A better approach is called …

Everyone can be a Successful Networker in the Legal World

Why is it that something so important, like networking, is so intimidating? Perhaps it is our fear of failure. Most likely the fear of new territory figures in as well.

However, no matter how scary networking might be, it is essential to all careers, especially being a lawyer.

Over the past week, I have had two successful, but different, networking encounters. One entailed meeting an attorney in person and volunteering to help him with some pro bono work. The other involved “cold” contacting an attorney in another state via email and speaking with him over the phone.

I think …

Digital File Management for Lawyers and Individuals

I have blogged many times about using technology to simplify your life. In fact, I have talked about using a digital file system instead of paper. This post at Rob Witham’s website really renewed my interest in the prospect of going all digital and not keeping papers hanging around. In Rob’s own words:

Convert your paper filing cabinet to a digital filing cabinet. Scanning and saving records digitally saves space and makes it easier to retrieve documents. I converted to …

Top 11: Ways to Be Productive in Class During Your Third Year of Law School

This is the first in what I plan to be a series: Top 11 Lists. Why 11? Here’s a better question: why 10? No good reason, right? Well, 11′s a prime number, and they’re just cool. Plus, 11 allows me to one-up most other “top” lists.

11. Make travel arrangements for your clerkship interviews

Everybody needs a way to travel cheaply for clerkship interviews, and Farecast provides it. Simply enter your departure and destination cities and dates, and Farecast will tell you whether you should purchase your …

Getting the Important, but non-Urgent, Tasks Done

How often do you have things on your task list that are important, but not urgent? If you are like most of us, these tasks regularly get shoved to the side and maybe never done.

I just read a really good post at the Professional Software Development blog that deals with this very situation. Here is one of the author’s solutions:

Whenever a week goes by in which I have not made any progress on my important, non-urgent tasks, I choose one of these tasks as my …

Harness the Power of Word Cross-References for Mammoth Documents

I just moved a paragraph in my research paper, and now my Table of Contents and footnotes are not correct! Has this ever happened to you? How many times have you composed a long Word document, only to have a simple edit screw up your numbered elements?

You need to harness the power of cross-references. Whether your document is a brief, a pleading, a research paper, or your new novel, Word cross-references will solve many of your problems.


The primary use I have found for Word bookmarks is to make a Table of Contents for your document in progress. …

Mobile Edition of Legal Andrew, Now Available

For all of you Blackberry and other handheld device addicts, I have created a mobile edition of this site. Actually, Alex King’s Wordpress Mobile Edition plugin did the work for me.

To view the mobile edition, direct your browser to Now you can view the latest productivity tips and ideas anywhere you are. If you like this, your feed reader might have a mobile option as well. I know Bloglines does.

You can use these mobile editions to save time. During my …

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