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The Gaping Hole in Law Firm Recruiting

Are you currently searching for a job? Do you know someone who is? If so, I’m sure you know about the frustration of connecting job candidates with hiring authorities. This is typically the job of recruiters.

The disappointing part is that some most job markets do not have a comprehensive system for managing all the information that recruiters have and presenting this information to job candidates. This is particularly true in the legal field.

I was browsing through my feed reader this evening, and I finally found someone who understands what law firm recruting needs. The itzBig Blog understands the huge, gaping hole in law firm recruiting. This post nails exactly the kind-of system that law firm recruiters (actually, recruiters from all sectors) need:

You know, one where all three parties [recruiters, job candidates, and hiring authorities] have access to real-time, dynamic data, and where recruiters have the ability to truly assess candidates’ qualifications and to look for the exact type of candidate that the customer wants. That doesn’t exist right now, which is why everyone involved in the process seems to approach the others as adversaries. Put everyone on the same page, and new recruiters as well as weathered old warhorses will be able to find the right talent.

Can you imagine how efficient it would be to have a single database where recruiting information was all uploaded and searchable? Sure, this takes a lot of the leg work out of finding jobs, but in today’s world it is really like “finger work” on the keyboard anyway.

Economically speaking, a comprehensive database would reduce transaction costs between job candidates and hiring authorities. Recruiters would be responsible for managing this information warehouse and getting the word out to job candidates. In the end, everyone wins!

Do you have ideas for a recruiting database like this? Please post a comment or drop me a line.

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