How to Alienate Your Vocal Supporters

Update – 4-27-09 – This was apparently a major misunderstanding. Check out my new post: EchoSign Customer Service To The Rescue!

It’s simple: just focus too much on big businesses.

I love EchoSign for e-signing documents. My clients love it too, so that makes me love it even more. I even wrote about EchoSign over at my law firm website. And the EchoSign folks picked up the article on their blog.

But I’m not feeling the love from EchoSign right now. They let me down.

I’ve been a loyal EchoSign user since I discovered their service last summer. I’ve …

Free Software – Vista, Photoshop, or VMware

Would you like some free software? How about Windows Vista Ultimate, Photoshop CS3, or VMware Workstation 6? BA Software will give it to you!

I’ve been trying to find the catch to this offer, but I can’t. It looks legit, so I’m giving it a try. I’ll post the results here for everyone.

Basically, you can get a free license to any of the above software titles. If you’re a blogger, you just write a post about this giveaway, subscribe to updates at BA Software, and Stumble their giveaway page. Then you email them that …

Free Technical Support From MinuteFix

Do you need some technical support? You should check out MinuteFix.

This is a new tech support service, pioneered in part by Phil Gerbyshak. If you don’t know Phil, you definitely need to meet him. He’s a great guy, and I’m sure MinuteFix will be a great company!

If you need some technical support, just visit MinuteFix. They have certified technicians who will resolve your problem over the internet, or you don’t have to pay!

The cost is only $0.99 per minute. It’s 100% secure, and I’m sure you’ll be happy …

AIM Buddies in Google Talk!!


No longer do you have to run two chat clients. As this announcement from Google confirms, you can now chat with your AIM buddies right from the chat window in Gmail.

Score one for simplicity!!

If you’d ever like to chat with me, I’m on GTalk ( and AIM (andrewfflusche). I’m on Skype sometimes, but not very often (aflusche).

If I don’t have your chat screen name, send it on over or drop a comment below. I’d love to get to know you better.

What Does Your Escape Key Do?

Yeah, CSI: NY has some pretty unrealistic parts to it. But I still watch it some.

But the latest episode features Second Life. The evil villain tries to download some virus into the crime lab, and the computer savvy young guy saves the day. How?

He shuts down the ENTIRE SYSTEM by pressing the ESCAPE KEY:

Can your escape key do that? Only if you’re in CSI.

Cell Phone Laws – Your Guide

Have you gotten a ticket for using your cell phone while driving? In some states, cell phone laws require a hands-free device when talking and driving. This educational post should help make these cell phone laws clear.

No federal cell phone laws

Let’s rephrase that – there are no federal cell phone driving laws. The U.S. federal government has not (yet) regulated this area of your life. It wouldn’t be surprising to see federal cell phone laws in the next few years.

But there are still laws to know. States …

Warning: Google Docs Is NOT Safe

Do you use Google Docs? Increasing numbers of people are jumping on aboard, especially among web workers. But how safe is your data?

After some of my coworkers expressed security concerns, I set out on a mission. I’ve waded through pages and pages of info, to provide you with the bottom line on Google Docs security.

Google’s terms

The first thing to read is Google’s Terms of Service.

Intellectual property is safe

Surprisingly, Google’s terms provide strong protection for your intellectual property. You can’t abuse other people’s intellectual property rights:

8.2 … You may not modify, …

Gmail Cooks SPAM, Bacn, and Steak

Have you heard about the new email term? “Bacn” It’s pronounced just like your favorite pork product, but shortened, in typical Web 2.0 fashion.

What is it? As the official bacn website explains, bacn is email you want, but not right now. I first heard about the term from Chris Brogan’s post. He explains:

It’s any email you receive that isn’t spam, but isn’t exactly a personal message either. Your electronic phone bill is bacn. Your Google alerts are bacn.

But what does this have to do with Gmail? I’ll …

My Tasks Reside in Toodledo, Where Are Yours?

If you’ve been around this blog a while, you know that I’m a loyal GTD cult member. I also love online productivity tools. In fact, I change tools with the wind.

For a while I used MonkeyGTD. Then I switched to Vitalist. I was pretty happy with Vitalist, until they announced a new, restrictive pricing plan. Even though …

Best Free PDF Creation Software

If you don’t have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you can still create PDF files from virtually anything on your computer. Just download a free PDF creator.

I’ve tried several of these in the past, but I just stumbled on one that takes the cake: doPDF.

doPDF is a newer contender in the PDF creation market, but it’s won my vote. The download is small, it installs in a snap, and it works every time. What else could a guy want?

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