BigContacts Will Super-Size Your Contacts

My new job is going to be heavy with networking, meeting people, and connecting with others. So I need a killer system to track all of this activity. That’s what got me searching for a strong contact manager.

One of the only good things about Outlook is the contact manager. I love Gmail, but its contacts system seriously stinks. But I’ve found a system that beats them all!

BigContacts is the most robust, powerful, but simple contact manager I’ve ever used. It can track everything you ever wanted to know about a contact, email them, send …

How Do You Manage Two Computers?

Do you use two computers? One at work, and another one at home? Or maybe you use two different computers at home for some reason.

How do you manage your data and programs? How do you keep everything synchronized? Or do you not even bother?

For years I’ve only had a single computer – a trusty laptop. But now that I’m a full time employee, I have to use the work-issued desktop for my job. I’ll continue to use my beloved Inspiron e1405 for blogging and personal matters.

But I want both machines as similar as possible. …

Dymo LabelManager Review – GTD Heaven

A few weeks ago, I read Brett Kelly’s post about a labeler he had just received for review. Being the GTD and tech geek that I am, I checked it out and posted a comment that I was envious of his new toy.

Lo and behold, the great folks at decided to send me a labeler!! It’s amazing what a simple blog comment can do these days.

Now I’m the proud owner of a Dymo LabelManager 450. And you get to learn about all its cool features!


This isn’t your …

Alexa Toolbar for Firefox – Get Sparky!

Alexa has long ignored Firefox users by only having a toolbar for Internet Explorer. As of this week, that has now changed.

On Monday, Alexa released it’s Firefox toolbar: Sparky. Supposedly, they waited this long to release it on Alexa’s 10 year anniversary. Sure. Whatever.

The important thing is that you can download Sparky and have your web usage counted by Alexa. This means that Firefox users now matter in Alexa rankings. It will be interesting to see if traffic rankings change a little, due to some sites being frequented more than others by …

3 Mouse Scroll Wheel Tricks for Firefox

Don’t you love handy little tricks that make life easier? I stumbled on one last night, and then I found another one today. Now it’s time to share!

Everyone knows that their mouse scrollwheel scrolls windows vertically. But do you know what else it can do?

1. Change font size

There isn’t a standard font size on the web. People use all different sizes for their sites, from really small to incredibly huge. This is especially problematic if you have vision problems.

Hold down CTRL while you scroll the mouse wheel, and your Firefox font will change sizes. …

Pandora Can Help You Study

I’m a bit behind the times with some things. I blog, I own an iPod, and I even have a cell phone now. But I hadn’t tried Pandora until yesterday. How did I miss out on this for so long?!?!

If you’re even further behind than me, Pandora is your own, personal, free internet radio. Go to, type in an artist, song, or music type, and then listen to high-quality, free music.

There are lots of bells and whistles, but that’s the basic concept. You can give each track a thumbs up or thumbs …

Network with Solo and Small Firm Lawyers

Now that I’m actually on the cusp of being a real attorney, I’m on the lookout for networking opportunities. I’ve already got my job nailed down, but I definitely want to know other lawyers and make solid connections.

Thus, I’m delighted to have joined Solosez. It’s the American Bar Association’s network devoted to solo and small firm practitioners. The cool thing is that anyone can join.

The main benefit of Solosez is the awesome list serve, hosted by the ABA. I’ve seen a ton of great information go through that list, and I’ve only been …

Maximize Productivity with Browser Tabs

I’ve long been a fan of Firefox’s tabbed browsing. My typical workflow involves a single Firefox window with a whole bunch of tabs open.

But how can I work productively this way? It hasn’t always worked so well, but I’ve got it nailed down now. Here’s my system:

Make them smaller

I have several standard tabs that are open all day long. You’ve probably got similar ones – Gmail, Google Reader, etc.

Since you know these pages by their favicons, you don’t need the full tab displayed. Save some screen space by installing the FaviconizeTab Firefox extension.

With FaviconizeTabs, …

How Do You Connect – Cell, Blackberry, Treo?

Are you trying to simplify your life? Me too.

That’s the way I’m getting a cell phone. I need to be reachable and to make phone calls on the go. I also want better access to my email, and a few other online apps.

But after living without one for 3 years, jumping back into the connected world is intimidating. What carrier do I go with? What type of phone do I get? What services do I need?

Then I realized that most of you probably have cell phones. So now I’m asking you:

How do you …

Looky Linkies – Time Wasters, Easy HTML Tags

I decided to take a break from bar review to share a couple of great links with you guys.

Interview: Biggest Time Waster (at Productivity501)
I am honored to participate in Mark’s cool interview series. He sent three questions to a group of productivity bloggers, and now he’s publishing all our answers. Because of the great response, he’s doing a post on each question. Today’s feature is “What is the single biggest way people waste time without even realizing it?” It’s a great read!


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