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Network with Solo and Small Firm Lawyers

Now that I’m actually on the cusp of being a real attorney, I’m on the lookout for networking opportunities. I’ve already got my job nailed down, but I definitely want to know other lawyers and make solid connections.

Thus, I’m delighted to have joined Solosez. It’s the American Bar Association’s network devoted to solo and small firm practitioners. The cool thing is that anyone can join.

The main benefit of Solosez is the awesome list serve, hosted by the ABA. I’ve seen a ton of great information go through that list, and I’ve only been subscribed for a couple days now.

To get an idea of topics that are discussed, check out the popular topics list. The cool thing is that you can jump in, contribute to discussions, ask questions, and meet people. Awesome!!

If you’re an aspiring solo or even just a beginning lawyer (or law student), give it a go. If you don’t find it useful, you can always unsubscribe later.

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