I’m Asking You – Are Threaded Comments Useful?

In the early days of Legal Andrew (over a year ago!), I was lucky to get one comment per week. Thanks to you guys, comments now abound. I love it, and I hope you guys do too.

Now I’m wondering if the standard list of comments is inadequate for our conversations. I try to respond to most comments, and sometimes we end up with a multiple-comment interchange. As you’ve seen, it’s not abnormal to get 10 or more comments on a post.

You’re probably thinking that really popular blogs gets dozens, if not hundreds, of comments per post. …

3 Ways to Make MORE Money with Text Link Ads

You’ve probably heard of Text Link Ads (TLA). It’s one of many programs to make money online. But do you know how to truly leverage TLA to make the most money possible? This article will give you 3 easy tips.

Sell post level ads in WordPress

The main TLA unit is limited. It displays on your entire site and maxes out at 10 links. Post level ads are different.

These links allow advertisers to target a specific post within your WordPress blog. This gives you more inventory to sell. It also gives you different …

I’m Asking You – Web Hosting Recommendation?

I’ve been using the same hosting company for years. But it might be time to move.

The current plan

We’re running two separate sites with our host, and it costs $4/month for each one. Plus we pay about $20/year for each .com domain – that includes a $9 fee for private whois info. Adding another site adds $4/month. I can host unlimited sites for $24/month, but that just seems steep to me.

For one year of hosting and domain registration, we’re paying about $136. Now that I’m thinking about adding a site or two, there must be …

11 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

You’ve been blogging for weeks or even months. But you’re still lacking real traffic. Why is that?

1. You don’t read. Why should other people read your blog, if you don’t read blogs? Get a feed reader and start subscribing!

2. You don’t comment. This is the bread and butter of blogging. Give feedback and thoughts to other bloggers. If you’re not leaving at least one comment per day, step it up a notch.

3. It’s ugly. Content is king, but aesthetics is queen. People don’t like reading ugly blogs, so spruce yours up …

Two Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Energy

Do you feel like your blog has hit a glass ceiling? Traffic holding steady, or even decreasing? Are your earnings not what you’d like? Here’s my advice:

Switch gears

If you keep getting the same (unsatisfactory) results, you need to change your approach. Get different output by giving your blog different input.

You can do SEO until you’re blue in the face. You can redesign your theme. Add new widgets. But you’ve already done all that, right?

Here are two ideas that will breathe some life into your blog. I guarantee it!

Write off topic

Yep, I’m a …

How to Make $450 a Month with Your Blog

I just came across Paula’s list of blogger salaries (via ProBlogger). She’s got a great compilation of blogger earnings, projecting one-year figures with some simple math. I commend Paula’s research, and I want to be on the next list. 🙂

I got a raise

My last earnings post was for January, where I reported about $300 of income for the month. I was (and still am) darn proud of that.

But now I get to show you how I earned a raise!

I earned $450.14 in April

That’s right …

I’m Asking You – Software to Write Blog Posts?

I’ve got a problem. Will you help solve it?

I can’t effectively manage writing my blog posts.

It’s not a matter of time. I’m writing on three blogs, but two of them I only do a post a week. I can handle the volume of writing required.

The problem is managing and developing posts that are in progress. At any given time, I’ve got at least half a dozen posts simmering on the stove. There are usually more, especially if you count single line ideas.

The current method

I’ve got a big text file, where I jot down all my …

Month in Review – April

I can’t believe how much the blog has grown in April. Traffic went up 26% to 8,250 visits. We saw a new daily traffic record on the 19th with 531 visits. I’m excited!

Now I just have to keep building better content and getting more readers like you. It will be hard to keep the growth going, but I’ll do my best – with your help. 🙂

Popular posts

1. People really liked my post on getting back into AdSense. Thanks to you guys for Digging and Stumbling it!

2. A post from November had a resurgence, …

Comment Email Responder – Version 2.22 – Take it Away, Owen!

Last week I proudly announced the release of my first WordPress plugin. The handy plugin makes it easy for the blog administrator to simultaneously reply to commenters on the blog and via email.

Today, I’m thrilled to point you to Version 2.22 of Comment Email Responder. That’s right, the plugin’s already gone to version 2.22 in four days. The further development is all thanks to Owen Cutajar.

New plugin homepage

Owen is now the head guy for this plugin. Thus, the plugin’s homepage is now on his site: Comment Email Responder.

I’ll be updating the …

How to Get Back Into AdSense – Account Reinstated!

I received one of the worst emails a blogger can get: Google AdSense Account Disabled. To my horror, I opened this email to see that Google was accusing me of click fraud. My account was disabled, my earnings were being refunded to advertisers, and no further payments were coming my way.

But thanks to a simple process, my account was reinstated. It took five days, but that’s better than being permanently banned.

If your account is ever disabled, here’s what you should do to get it back.

1. Don’t panic. It’s …

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