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Comment Email Responder – Version 2.22 – Take it Away, Owen!

Last week I proudly announced the release of my first WordPress plugin. The handy plugin makes it easy for the blog administrator to simultaneously reply to commenters on the blog and via email.

Today, I’m thrilled to point you to Version 2.22 of Comment Email Responder. That’s right, the plugin’s already gone to version 2.22 in four days. The further development is all thanks to Owen Cutajar.

New plugin homepage

Owen is now the head guy for this plugin. Thus, the plugin’s homepage is now on his site: Comment Email Responder.

I’ll be updating the old homepage here at Legal Andrew, so people can always find the newest version from Owen. He’s got some great ideas for this plugin, so I know it’s going to continue improving.

Download Comment Email Responder v2.22

New features

Owen’s improvements have made installing and using Comment Email Responder a piece of cake.

First, he added a WordPress admin panel for the plugin. This allows you to easily set the name and email address for the reply emails.

Second, he hooked the comment display to your theme, so you don’t have to edit your template. Installation is now simply putting the plugin files on your server, activating it, and filling in the admin panel fields.

Thanks Owen!

Owen has been a great friend to make. And his plugin improvements show some fantastic coding skills.

We all owe a huge thanks to Owen, for his great work here. I encourage you to visit his blog and give him a word of thanks. He definitely deserves some link love too!

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6 Responses to “Comment Email Responder – Version 2.22 – Take it Away, Owen!”

  1. Rory
    April 21st, 2007

    Great job on this plug-in, Andrew. I have installed the new version, and I tried it out this evening. I’ll let you know of any success. I’ll pile on over to Owen’s if I find any hitches 😉

    I joined up with MyBlogLog and added a photo, so I’m no longer a stranger on your “lots of faces”.

  2. Andrew Flusche
    April 21st, 2007


    You’re not a stranger at all! We just now have a face to put with your awesome comments. 🙂

    I’m glad you like the plugin. Owen’s been instrumental in its development, and it’s been fun learning how to make this work.

    Have a great afternoon,

  3. Owen
    April 21st, 2007

    You’re too kind mate. All the bits I added were cosmetic, the engine is still mainly yours.

    I hope you don’t mind. I’ll be adding a link to your donations page in the Admin panel .. it’s only fair that you get the recognition you deserve

  4. Andrew Flusche
    April 21st, 2007


    I’m humbled by your offer of the donations link. I don’t really deserve that. I definitely appreciate your kinds words and work on this plugin.

  5. Hello Andrew,

    I got your comment on my website…
    I prefered to link here rather than to Owen’s page as I found the plugin here first and I like the explanation about the plugin here more… So that’s why.

    However, I commented on Owen’s webpage about a problem that I am facing. Indeed, it seems that the Javascript attached to the image as a problem. It does not seem to be working…

    Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Andrew Flusche
    June 10th, 2007

    Hi Frederic,

    Can you give me some more details about your problem? What does the plugin do or not do?


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