Biggest Jerk Award Goes to LexisNexis

Update – Sept. 4 – Lexis posted a comment below.

It’s funny how some big companies just don’t understand the internet. And it’s infuriating when they breach simple rules of netiquette. LexisNexis wins the Biggest Jerk Award today.

I linked to Lexis

I wrote an article (Lunch, Break, and Hour Laws) over a year ago that linked to one of Lexis’ products. Ironically, that article is the most popular one on my entire site.

I provided a link to Lexis’ lawyer directory, since I thought it added some value …

Important Webinar to Protect Your Business

Are you a business owner? Are you considering starting a business?

Don’t miss my next webinar!

I’m going to teach a select group of people important techniques to reduce their liability. You’ll learn to:

  -  Insulate your business

  -  Buy the right insurance

  -  Follow corporate formalities

  -  And protect your family

You’ll get a one-hour interactive webinar with me, a licensed attorney. This includes a Q&A session where you can ask some questions about business liability.

I’m offering this webinar for only $9. All registrants get the one-hour webinar and access to the video afterward, in case you want to review it later.

To register, just pay …

7 Tips for Cheap College Books

I recently wrote about buying cheap college books by shopping online. (For cheap online books, I recommend BookByte)

But there are many more options for you to find cheap books and save on your overall book costs. Here are just a few of the choices available for cheap college books.

1. Buy single chapters. Why buy the whole book, if you only need part of it? iChapters

Selling Books Online – Find the Best Price

I love selling books online (basic process, maximize cash, buy cheap books). In fact, my wife just prepared three boxes of books to send off for over $200. Cash!

Selling books online is easy

Yep, it’s really a piece of cake. My favorite book buyback site is BookByte. Just enter your ISBN’s, print a mailing label, and ship your books. It takes a little while to get your check, but it will come!

BookScouter makes selling books EASIER

If you want to …

Branding Strategy Should Be Consistent

Is your branding strategy consistent? BMW of Charlottesville certainly doesn’t have a consistent branding strategy. Their courtesy vehicle is a Honda. Do you see a problem here?

Consistent branding

If I owned a car dealership, all vehicles on the premises would be of the type I sold. They’d all be spotlessly clean.

Don’t most dealers do this anyway? They give demo cars to their salesmen. They use the brand’s van or SVU for their courtesy car. I’m not sure how this BMW dealer missed …

My New Legal Column at Home Office Warrior

If you run a home based business (or just work out of your home sometimes), you should check out my new column over at Home Office Warrior. My good friend, Grant Griffiths of G2 Web Media, runs Home Office Warrior, and he came up with the idea of an “Ask Legal Andrew” weekly feature.

The first post is up now, and it answers your questions about home office zoning

If you have legal questions about home businesses, email them to …

Get a DYMO Labeler for Productivity

I don’t know where I’d be without my DYMO labeler. Actually, I know that I’d be buried under piles of papers that weren’t filed away. Simply put, this gadget is awesome!

A labeler can boost your productivity, whether you’re a student, a stay at home mom, or a busy professional. It really is a handy tool. And now DYMO labelers can even print color labels. Isn’t that cool?!

My DYMO labeler was sent to me to review on this very blog, and I still use it at least once a week in …

Solo by Choice by Carolyn Elefant Gives Great Advice!

Buy now for $40.50

Are you a brand new attorney, wanting to hang up your shingle? Or maybe you’ve been working at BigLaw for 10 years, and you want to start your own firm. If you are thinking about being a solo attorney, you need to read Solo by Choice by Carolyn Elefant. This is a must have book!

Awesome author

Carolyn Elefant is a widely-known and well-respected authority on solo and small firms. Her blog, …

Cheap College Books – NOT at Campus Bookstore

College and graduate school classes are starting soon. Have you bought your books?

If not, don’t use the campus bookstore.

You can find cheap college books in many places, other than the single store your university is hoping you’ll use. Since you’re already living on a shoestring budget, you need to save money wherever possible. Buying used, cheap textbooks is a great way to cut your educational costs.

Cheap book websites

BookByte is my favorite used book website. They have a huge selection of books, and they …

Free Business Card Ideas on Flickr

I absolutely love business card ideas. I will soon be hiring a local design firm to create my logo and come up with some spiffy business cards. So it’s time to start hunting for examples of business cards that I like.

If you’re looking for some quick, free business card inspiration, I highly recommend Flickr. People love taking pictures of their spiffy cards and posting them for the world to see. Many of the Flickr business card images are of MOO cards, but that’s ok. It’s easy enough to filter through those and …

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