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Free Business Card Ideas on Flickr

I absolutely love business card ideas. I will soon be hiring a local design firm to create my logo and come up with some spiffy business cards. So it’s time to start hunting for examples of business cards that I like.

If you’re looking for some quick, free business card inspiration, I highly recommend Flickr. People love taking pictures of their spiffy cards and posting them for the world to see. Many of the Flickr business card images are of MOO cards, but that’s ok. It’s easy enough to filter through those and see what cool designs people have come up with.

Here is an assortment of cool business card ideas I found on Flickr. I searched for “business card” and then viewed the results by “most recent,” so I wouldn’t see all the other cards that I’ve seen time and again.



plow design









Tony Buser


One thing I love about business cards is that people can do so many different things with the same tiny piece of paper.

I’ve got my favorites in this set, but what about you?

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