Business Referral Network – Should I Join BNI?

Business networking is the key to a strong client base. But where do business networking groups fit into that picture? I’d love your thoughts.

Business referral networking

Business referral networking takes “meeting people” to a higher level. The goal is really to provide possible client referrals to your contacts. In return, your contacts will refer business to you.

From my perspective, networking in business needs at least some focus on providing referrals. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest time and money into meeting people …

Lunch Labor Laws – Federal and State

My original post on lunch break laws still remains one of the most popular articles on this blog. Many people are highly interested in lunch labor laws, as evidenced by the 98 comments that are still being posted.

Lunch labor laws affect us all

If you’re human, you have to eat. If you have a job, you’ll probably work several hours during the day, most likely across the normal lunch time. Thus, you probably wonder about lunch labor laws.

Hourly workers are most concerned about the law regarding …

Easy Male Haircut – Remington Shortcut Review


Buy for $34.99

I’ve been cutting my own hair for several years. I used to use a standard hair clipper with a #1 blade guard. When it broke last week, I set out to find new hair clippers.

A few Google searches brought up the Remington Shortcut. This new little toy is designed just for men who want to buzz their own head. I’m now the …

Extreme SEO – Keyword Business Address

If you’re like most entrepreneurs today, you want the absolute most SEO you can get. You either learn how to do it yourself, or you hire an SEO firm to handle it.

Here’s a new SEO idea for you: Have your office on a street that contains one of your keywords.

I thought of this idea while on a bike ride the other day. I was bicycling through Spotsylvania County near Lake Anna, and I went down Lawyers Road. As an attorney, “lawyer” is obviously one of my …

Get $100 of Free Facebook Advertising

Have you tried Facebook advertising yet? What if I told you that you could get a $100 coupon for Facebook Ads?

The process is quite simple, and it’s completely legit. You can use the $100 coupon to try out the Facebook Ad system and see if it can work for your business. I’m trying it for my law firm to promote my free seminar for entrepreneurs.

Here’s what you do to get $100 in free Facebook Ads:

1. Add the Visa Business Network Facebook application to your account. This application is focused on helping business …

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