The Best Interview of My Law School Career

Law school is full of interviews. Just hunting for a summer internship will require dozens of them. I’ve definitely done my fair share.

But I recently had the privilege of doing the best interview yet. Brett of The Frugal Law Student interviewed me for a series he’s starting on his blog. He asked about debt, saving money, personal finance goals, and other great topics.

Check it out: Interview With Legal Andrew About Managing Law School Debt

While you’re over there, read up on some of Brett’s other great work:

180 Money Saving Tips to Turn …

25 Best Sleep Hacks

If there’s one thing we can all use more of (besides money), it’s sleep. We’re happier, more productive, and more enjoyable to be around when we’re well-rested. Without further ado, here are the best sleep hacks.

Get a comfy bed. Nobody looks forward to sleeping on a rock.
Make the bedroom only for sleeping (and other bed activities). If you work and eat in the bedroom, it just doesn’t feel like you’re supposed to sleep there too.
Wear cozy pajamas. Experiment a bit to find what you like: flannel, silk, none, etc.
Blackout the lights. Total darkness helps …

I’m Asking You – Web Hosting Recommendation?

I’ve been using the same hosting company for years. But it might be time to move.

The current plan

We’re running two separate sites with our host, and it costs $4/month for each one. Plus we pay about $20/year for each .com domain – that includes a $9 fee for private whois info. Adding another site adds $4/month. I can host unlimited sites for $24/month, but that just seems steep to me.

For one year of hosting and domain registration, we’re paying about $136. Now that I’m thinking about adding a site or two, there must be …

11 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

You’ve been blogging for weeks or even months. But you’re still lacking real traffic. Why is that?

1. You don’t read. Why should other people read your blog, if you don’t read blogs? Get a feed reader and start subscribing!

2. You don’t comment. This is the bread and butter of blogging. Give feedback and thoughts to other bloggers. If you’re not leaving at least one comment per day, step it up a notch.

3. It’s ugly. Content is king, but aesthetics is queen. People don’t like reading ugly blogs, so spruce yours up …

Paris Hilton Gets Off Easy – Justice?

This is definitely not a blog about celebrities. But there are deeper implications surrounding the latest news about little Hilton.

You’ve probably heard that Paris Hilton is only going to serve 23 days of her 45 day jail sentence for violating her probation. And she’s going to do her time in a “special needs housing unit” reserved for high-profile inmates.

Why was her sentenced reduced? Because she showed up for court. She’s such a great model citizen that she doesn’t need to serve all her time. WHAT?!

Backwards thinking

Sadly, people look up to celebrities, especially young people. …

Schedule a Day Away From Blogs, Twitter, and IM

Have you noticed that people drop their blogs, Twitter updates, and similar things when they’re really busy? Crunch time forces us to focus on the most important tasks and let the others lie fallow. But why wait until crunch time?

Make it standard

What if you actually scheduled a day where you’d get away from your blog, Twitter, email, and the like? Make you could have “offline day” every Wednesday.

I know, you’re gasping right now. “What is Andrew saying?!”

Think about it. You could write a blog post ahead of time, and schedule your platform to make …

Looky Linkies – GTD List, Squidoo How To

Here’s a couple links you might enjoy.

Leo posted a great list of GTD resources over at Zen Habits. He goes through software, books, online tools, indexes, and even includes blogs. Thanks for the link, Leo!

Second, I invite you to check out a blog that I’m co-authoring about internet marketing. I just published a post you might like: How to Build a Squidoo Lens. If you like it, consider giving it a reddit or a digg.

Thanks, and have a great …

Streamline Computer Tasks with Direct Access

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time hunched over the keyboard. Anything that makes me more productive is well received. That’s why I am happy to do this review of a nifty tool called Direct Access.

In a nutshell

Direct Access integrates two basic functions into a slick package. First, it’s a text expander. Enter a pre-defined abbreviation and Direct Access will replace that abbreviation with a chunk of text. Second, it’s an application launcher. Enter an abbreviation (such as “goo” for Google), and Direct Access will launch the app.

The software comes …

Let’s Network – Share Your IM Names

I talk a lot about networking, so I thought it was time to action. Daniel Scocco did a great post where he encouraged everyone to share their IM usernames. The idea is to be able to connect more with each other, especially off-blog.

Through Daniel’s post, I was able to meet some new people and connect more deeply with others. It was a great idea!

I’m on IM

Now it’s time for me to do the same. My IM names are all listed on my contact page, but I realize most of …

Two Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Energy

Do you feel like your blog has hit a glass ceiling? Traffic holding steady, or even decreasing? Are your earnings not what you’d like? Here’s my advice:

Switch gears

If you keep getting the same (unsatisfactory) results, you need to change your approach. Get different output by giving your blog different input.

You can do SEO until you’re blue in the face. You can redesign your theme. Add new widgets. But you’ve already done all that, right?

Here are two ideas that will breathe some life into your blog. I guarantee it!

Write off topic

Yep, I’m a …

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