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Let’s Network – Share Your IM Names

I talk a lot about networking, so I thought it was time to action. Daniel Scocco did a great post where he encouraged everyone to share their IM usernames. The idea is to be able to connect more with each other, especially off-blog.

Through Daniel’s post, I was able to meet some new people and connect more deeply with others. It was a great idea!

I’m on IM

Now it’s time for me to do the same. My IM names are all listed on my contact page, but I realize most of you have probably never even visited it. Thus, here’s how you can contact me via IM:

  • Google Talk / Jabber – aflusche@gmail.com
  • AIM – andrewfflusche
  • Yahoo – andrew_flusche
  • MSN – aflusche@hotmail.com
  • ICQ – 366124665

I try to use appropriate status messages with my IM client. But if you ping me and I don’t respond, I must be away (or busy) and forgot to set my status. Sorry. 😐

What’s your (screen)name?

It’s your turn. Share your IM names in the comments below. That will help us all network with each other. I’d definitely love finding out more about each of you.

If you don’t want to post your IM name for the world to see, feel free to shoot it my way via IM or email.

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5 Responses to “Let’s Network – Share Your IM Names”

  1. Rory
    May 11th, 2007

    Andrew, No Skype?

    (If you ever do: roryks)

  2. Andrew Flusche
    May 12th, 2007

    Hi Rory,

    Actually, I’m aflusche on Skype. But I’m not on much any more. I cut back my IM networks, so I just run Miranda IM, with the networks you see above all configured in it. Miranda doesn’t support Skype, unfortunately.

    With that said, I might have to get back into Skype, so I can chat with you. 🙂


  3. Brett McKay
    May 12th, 2007

    Google Talk: brettmckay
    AIM: Weezer1223 (I haven’t used this in a long time.)

  4. Christopher Johnston
    May 13th, 2007

    Gtalk: cmjohnston
    Skype: cmjrvp
    Twitter: chrisjohnsto0n
    Jaiku: chrisjohnston

    I don’t run any of the traditional IM clients like ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. because they just clutter up my already small desktop and lately I’m not online enough for it to matter. The best way to network with me is on Linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisjohnston If you are already on LinkedIn, invite me at cmjohnston AT (NO SPAM) gmail DOT com. If you are not a member ask me for an invite at the same address.

  5. Andrew Flusche
    May 13th, 2007

    Hi Brett and Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your details with us. It’s great to be able to connect more with people.

    LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people, too. Thanks for bringing that up, Chris!


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