How to Make $450 a Month with Your Blog

I just came across Paula’s list of blogger salaries (via ProBlogger). She’s got a great compilation of blogger earnings, projecting one-year figures with some simple math. I commend Paula’s research, and I want to be on the next list. :)

I got a raise

My last earnings post was for January, where I reported about $300 of income for the month. I was (and still am) darn proud of that.

But now I get to show you how I earned a raise!

I earned $450.14 in April

That’s right …

Top 5 Reasons to Hate GTD

This is my contribution to ProBlogger’s top 5 group writing project. You should contribute as well, and maybe you’ll win $1,001!

The interweb is filled with so much info about GTD. People tout how much you can accomplish with it. But here are five reasons people might hate it.

1. Too many books to read

A book? Do people still read those? David Allen has already written two (Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything). Word has it that he’s thinking up another one. Books take up …

What Would You Do With 99 Days?

We talk a lot about productivity, blogging, making money online, increasing our traffic, and so many other subjects. Does any of it really matter?

What if you had 99 days to live?

What would you do? Would you max out your credit cards, or would you mend broken relationships and spend every second you could with loved ones?

What if your 99 days were at the very start of your life? What if that’s all the time you had on this Earth?

Eliot only lived for 99 days

That’s exactly what happened to Eliot. He was born with terminal health problems. …

An Open Thank You to Leo Babauta

Note to readers:  I wanted to thank Leo Babauta (of Zen Habits) for his inspiration.  I was going to send him an email to that effect.  But then I decided that a public thank you would be a great way to show my appreciation.  Plus, when people search for him, they’ll see that he’s had a positive impact on me.  It’s kind-of like a thank you and a recommendation, all in one. People have done open letters lots of times, but I usually only see negative ones.  I think an open thank you is a …

Sleep Hack – Plan a Full, Active Morning

It seems like anybody who’s worth their salt gets up early.  I guess that makes sense, because you can get more accomplished if you don’t sleep through half the day. But getting up early is easier said than done.  My problem is that I’ll get up but feel too lethargic to actually use my brain.  So I end up sitting at my desk, wasting time or falling back asleep. Here’s my handy hack to help you be productive in the morning:  create an active, full schedule. If you plan to do active things in the morning, you’ll be less tempted …

I’m Asking You – Software to Write Blog Posts?

I’ve got a problem. Will you help solve it?

I can’t effectively manage writing my blog posts.

It’s not a matter of time. I’m writing on three blogs, but two of them I only do a post a week. I can handle the volume of writing required.

The problem is managing and developing posts that are in progress. At any given time, I’ve got at least half a dozen posts simmering on the stove. There are usually more, especially if you count single line ideas.

The current method

I’ve got a big text file, where I jot down all my …

Ultimate Tip to Reach GTD Nirvana

This post is part of Ben Yoskovitz’s latest group writing project: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity.


Yep, that’s the way to reach GTD nirvana. Do the actions on your lists. Don’t fuss with moving them around. Don’t try a new system every week. Just do it!

The main point behind GTD is that you should be able to crank widgets when it’s time. You can breeze through your lists, tackling actions right and left. But that means you’ve got to sit down and DO!

I know it’s …

Month in Review – April

I can’t believe how much the blog has grown in April. Traffic went up 26% to 8,250 visits. We saw a new daily traffic record on the 19th with 531 visits. I’m excited!

Now I just have to keep building better content and getting more readers like you. It will be hard to keep the growth going, but I’ll do my best – with your help. :)

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