I’ll Show My Workspace – Will You Show Yours?

Brandon Hopkins just posted a spiffy video tour of his workspace. You’ll get to find out neat things about him, like his taste for raisinettes and his cool desk-cat.

He did this through a project started by Josh DorkinWhat Does Your Office or Workspace Look Like?. The idea is that we all have a workspace, so we can bond together by seeing where our friends work. Cool, right? Plus, if you tell Josh about your post, he’ll add you to the running list he’s …

Get an Offer from Your Summer Law Firm

It’s officially summer. That means thousands of hopeful law students are beginning summer internships with law firms. If you’re one of them, live it up. You’ll be courted, wined & dined, and taken to so many happy hours you can’t stand to look at alcohol. Heck, you might even gain 50 pounds, like I did. :)

But will you get an offer to join the law firm? I don’t know, but I do have some thoughts to share.

Don’t believe the firm – Even if everyone got offers last year and they have space for all …

Get $720 and a FREE Wall Clock

Have you ever wanted free money? What about a free clock? How about $720 in free internet advertising? Jim Boykin has you covered.

He’s running a little promotion where you can win a whole bunch of cool stuff (including $720 in ads) just by linking to a page on his site. Yep, he’s great at link-building, that’s for sure.

Now you’re probably wondering what page you need to link to – this one.

The only thing I can’t tell you is what criteria Jim will …

Sleep Hack – Change Your Language

We use language every day to communicate with each other. But we rarely stop and consider the impact of our words. How can language improve sleep? Let’s explore that together.

When do I have to get up?

How often do you say this phrase? Maybe you wonder when you need to get up. Either way, you’re exhibiting a certain attitude toward sleep.

Using words like “need” or “have to” or “must” implies that getting up is some horrid obligation we have to do. In fact, many of us actually feel that way in the morning.

But what if …

Looky Linkies – Resume Tips, Recipes Galore

Here are a couple links I wanted to share with all of you.

9 Reasons Your Resume Is Trash – I wrote this post over at Job Tuition, giving some quick and easy tips to improve your resume.

Simply Recipes – I’m embarrassed to say that I discovered this awesome blog today. It’s a top blog overall, but especially within the food and recipe niche. You can even subscribe to separate RSS feeds based on your diet (everything, low carb, vegetarian). Your Memorial Day cookout wouldn’t be complete without …

Write a General Lesson, from a Personal Perspective

How many newspaper columnists ramble on about their daily lives? Would you read that column, if it’s all the author wrote?

What about somebody who writes like this:

I went to the market today. I bought an apple. It’s hot outside.

Why would you read that? Perhaps if the author is well-known, or your family, or a friend. But otherwise, I hope you’ve got better things to do.

Personal is great

Writing from a personal perspective is definitely a great way to humanize your work. I am not advocating impersonal writing at all.

The point is that you’ve got to …

52 Handy Tools and Sites for Students

Even though I’m almost done being a student, many of you have some time left. So I’ll still be on the lookout for handy things for you guys.

The Online Education Database has a couple great pages that every student should check out. Combining them, they list 52 awesome tools and sites that you need. Some are pretty obvious, but others will be new to you. Without further ado, here we go…

The College Student’s Productivity Guide lists 27 great apps and tools for students. There are definitely some interesting nuggets in there.

Top 25 …

I’m Asking You – Are Threaded Comments Useful?

In the early days of Legal Andrew (over a year ago!), I was lucky to get one comment per week. Thanks to you guys, comments now abound. I love it, and I hope you guys do too.

Now I’m wondering if the standard list of comments is inadequate for our conversations. I try to respond to most comments, and sometimes we end up with a multiple-comment interchange. As you’ve seen, it’s not abnormal to get 10 or more comments on a post.

You’re probably thinking that really popular blogs gets dozens, if not hundreds, of comments per post. …

How Many Hours Do You Work?

Only two days after I officially received my J.D. (whoopee!), I started studying for the bar exam (boo!). I’m doing the standard study course, BAR/BRI. But the reason I’m posting right now is to ask you a question.

How much time do you put into your job?

I’m curious what your daily number of hours are (on average), as well as your average weekly hours. Especially if you are a paralegal or a lawyer, I’d love it if you would share in the comments.

And now to explain this crazy series of thoughts… My bar review course consists …

3 Ways to Make MORE Money with Text Link Ads

You’ve probably heard of Text Link Ads (TLA). It’s one of many programs to make money online. But do you know how to truly leverage TLA to make the most money possible? This article will give you 3 easy tips.

Sell post level ads in WordPress

The main TLA unit is limited. It displays on your entire site and maxes out at 10 links. Post level ads are different.

These links allow advertisers to target a specific post within your WordPress blog. This gives you more inventory to sell. It also gives you different …

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