Nobody Searches for “Blog”

This post is focused on lawyer marketing, but the same techniques and logic should apply to anyone.

Here’s an SEO tip: nobody searches for the word “blog.” That’s an exaggeration, but let me explain…

If I’m trying to optimize my law practice website (or blog) for searchers, I have to know what they search for. Based on keyword research, my own general knowledge, and other factors, I come up with my target keywords.

Let’s use Bob Smith as an example. Bob is a New York personal injury attorney. …

25 Unique Christmas Gifts Under $25

Can you believe that it’s almost October? Before you know it, the Christmas season of 2008 will be upon us. There will be rushing and frenzy to find the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

I love Christmas, and it’s certainly a wonderful religious celebration. But shopping can be a real drag. It’s hard to find unique Christmas gifts, especially for those hard-to-shop-for people. I’m one of those people.

Thus, here’s the first in a series of posts on finding awesome gifts for Christmas. It can be done, and you don’t have to spend …

Turning Your Virginia Lemon into Lemonade

This is a guest post by Sergei Lemberg, a lemon law attorney. Go check out his great blog or his lemon meter.

If you’ve ever bought a new car, you know what a rush it is. There’s the new car smell, the feeling of power as you hit the accelerator, and the peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a reliable ride for a long, long time.

But what happens when that new car isn’t so reliable? When you wake up one morning and have to come to terms …

Are Presence Indicators Really Being Present?

A recent article by Web Worker Daily really got me thinking. The article talks about Twitter as a presence indicator.

With all the distractions that these programs and services provide, are we really being present? Are we being mindful, in touch equally with our rational and emotional minds?

I don’t see how.

I think Twitter kills productivity. I know that I’m more productive when I’m not blasting my presence to the world. And I think I’m more in touch with myself.

There’s a reason people typically …

Help a Good Cause – Train for Humanity

Behold, the power of blogs!

Leo Babauta, Mark Hayward, and Dan Clements are racing to make a difference! They’re the pilot athletes in a new humanitarian nonprofit that I’m helping with: Train for Humanity.

Here’s the skinny: Leo, Mark, and Dan are all training for endurance events (marathons and triathlons). To help make a difference in the world, they’ve founded a nonprofit to aid humanitarian causes. They’re asking people to sponsor their training by donating to Train for Humanity. The funds will then be …

Overtime Laws – Your Right to Overtime Pay

Hourly employees always want to know about their rights to a lunch break. Heck, lunch is important to me too!

But what about overtime laws? Employees definitely want to know about overtime labor laws as well. Is overtime required? Do salary employees get overtime? What are the regulations?

This article should answer your overtime questions.

Multiple laws for overtime

Overtime is one of those legal topics that is covered by a tangled web of laws. In short, the federal government has a basic overtime …

LexisNexis Apologizes for Bad Link Tactics

A week ago, I gave LexisNexis the biggest jerk award. Basically, they ticked me off with what I consider impolite link building strategies.

It took a little while, but LexisNexis responded. The Senior Director of Traffic & Alliances posted a blog comment.

Apparently the email that really ticked me off was sent by a contractor that Lexis hired. Lexis has taken steps to ensure that this type of email isn’t sent in the future.

I’m glad Lexis owned up to their mistake. That definitely improves their image …

Twitter Kills Productivity, or Does It?

I’m on Twitter (aflusche). Are you?

But I think it’s killing my productivity. Twitter is one more distraction to deal with in our already busy world.

Yes, I understand the point of Twitter. We can all communicate a bit easier. We can meet new people. We can share ideas and thoughts.

Enough already!

Here’s what I don’t understand: how do the productivity gurus handle it?

Merlin Mann (hotdogsladies) is all about making something awesome happen and getting rid of the junk in life (how …

Exclusive Legal Tips and Discounts via Email

I’ve been publishing Legal Andrew for over two years now. It’s time to expand.

Instead of just writing on the blog, I’m now sending legal and productivity tips via email. Woohoo!

You can quickly subscribe here or use the form directly below this post (or in the sidebar).

Why would you want these emails? I’m glad you asked.

Unique content – The email tips will provide completely unique content. It’s not just an email version of my blog’s RSS feed. You can’t get this content anywhere else.

Exclusive discounts …

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