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Nobody Searches for “Blog”

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This post is focused on lawyer marketing, but the same techniques and logic should apply to anyone.

Here’s an SEO tip: nobody searches for the word “blog.” That’s an exaggeration, but let me explain…

If I’m trying to optimize my law practice website (or blog) for searchers, I have to know what they search for. Based on keyword research, my own general knowledge, and other factors, I come up with my target keywords.

Let’s use Bob Smith as an example. Bob is a New York personal injury attorney. Bob writes a great blog about personal injury law.

Bob could choose these keywords: “New York personal injury law blog”. He could get lots of quality, relevant links from other websites for those keywords. But Bob isn’t going to get a lot of search traffic.

Bob’s potential clients aren’t looking for a blog. They’re looking for a lawyer. They may want free information online, but they don’t add “blog” to their search string.

Don’t believe me? Use the free Google Keyword Tool to check the search volume for different keyword phrases.

Here’s what it will tell you. These numbers are the average monthly searches for the given keyword phrase:

“new york personal injury law blog”

“new york personal injury law”

“new york personal injury lawyer”

“new york accident lawyer”

Now, what keywords should Bob be targeting? Not “blog.”

Any questions?

Yes, I’m leaving out lots of important keyword considerations. But the main point stands: lawyers shouldn’t target “blog” as a keyword.

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4 Responses to “Nobody Searches for “Blog””

  1. hank
    September 25th, 2008

    “Blog” is such a common term anymore. It should just be synonymous with webpage anymore. The format is the same, content is delivered, and it is more just a form of communication anymore. These days you can go past sites that are based on WordPress, but look nothing like blogs – it’s just “internet” anymore… 😉

  2. GeoffDodd@NetDetective
    September 27th, 2008

    I agree Legal Andrew, except to say that a ‘search string’ allows any components of the string to be searched for – unless the search query is wrapped in “query” quotation marks. So putting the word ‘blog’ at the end of a GOOD long tail phrase doesn’t diminish the value of the phrase!

    NYC personal injury attorney / NYC personal injury lawyer is tons better than saying….. “cool legal blog” – yeah i agree. Geoff D.

  3. Kimber
    October 1st, 2008

    Surely, blog as a search term isn’t valuable at all. The same would be with “site” word…. When you are looking for something then you are expecting to find site/blog. But it is always good to target as longest keywords as possible. Competition is lower.

  4. Business marketing
    October 6th, 2008

    That is because blogs are considered informal. Another reason is that users may do their search through Technorati or Google Blogsearch, hence they do not need to add the keyword “blog”. The profession counts as well. If one is looking for a designer one can certainly read their blog and get a better idea of their expertise, than if they were to read a lawyer’s blog.

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