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Twitter Kills Productivity, or Does It?

I’m on Twitter (aflusche). Are you?

But I think it’s killing my productivity. Twitter is one more distraction to deal with in our already busy world.

Yes, I understand the point of Twitter. We can all communicate a bit easier. We can meet new people. We can share ideas and thoughts.

Enough already!

Here’s what I don’t understand: how do the productivity gurus handle it?

Merlin Mann (hotdogsladies) is all about making something awesome happen and getting rid of the junk in life (how to use 43 Folders). Yet he’s a prolific Twitter user. How does he handle it?

Perhaps even more striking, the master of simple, Leo Babauta, is now tweeting (zen_habits).

I thought a key to simplicity is only handling email once or twice per day. And IM is a classic time waster, unless carefully monitored.

Where does Twitter fit in here? I like it, but I think it’s another distraction.

How do you Twitter and still be productive?

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2 Responses to “Twitter Kills Productivity, or Does It?”

  1. MN business attorney
    September 8th, 2008

    Great questions. The issues you raised are the same reasons I stopped using Twitter shortly after I started. It will be interesting to hear what others say about this. I can’t imagine Twitter being anything but constant interruptions.